Jimmy Butler is set to debut in Philadelphia

Jimmy Butler finally got his wish granted - He has been traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves and is back in the Eastern Conference.

The Philadelphia 76ers play the Orlando Magic tonight (only available on League Pass) and it sounds like Jimmy Butler will start for the Sixers. Butler was traded by the T-Wolves along with Justin Patton to Philadelphia in exchange for Dario Saric, Robert Covington, Jarryd Bayless, and a 2022 second-round draft pick.

The Jimmy Butler drama has carried over from a long Summer into an uncomfortable start to the season for the Timberwolves. The drama translated into a poor record to start, underwhelming performances by the Wolves’ young stars, and tensions reaching new heights.

The inevitable trade happened on 11/10/18, effectively jettisoning Butler from the team. All things considered, it wasn’t a bad haul for the Wolves since Butler was a lock to leave one way or another.

Dario Saric will bring a nice facet to Tom Thibodeau’s squad in the form of a stretch four that can stay out of Karl-Anthony Towns’ way, but still be a scoring threat. Robert Covington brings needed perimeter shooting as well and Jaryd Bayless is a solid veteran presence to backup oft-injured point guard, Derrick Rose.

Philadelphia’s new star

Butler is the kind of player that can realistically fit with any team on the court. He has good size and strength, but maintains the quickness necessary to lock down opposing perimeter players. He is an improved outside shooter and a fantastic slasher. However, he is leaving a team with young players with unique personalities to go to… a team with young players with unique personalities.

The 76ers go-to scorer, rebounder, and rim-protector is Joel Embiid. “The Process” as he is nicknamed is a 7 footer that can hit the three and handle the rock in a pinch. Aside from being an MVP candidate, he is actually known just as much for his tweeting and say-anything demeanor.

Philly’s other star is Ben Simmons, a 6’10” point guard with incredible talent that refuses to shoot jumpers. There is also Markelle Fultz, another huge talent and former first overall pick that is so down in the confidence department, that he may struggle to ever reach his potential.

Enter Butler, who is a fiery competitor that was fed up with his nonchalant young teammates in Minny. Despite the quirks of his new teammates, he must see more of a desire to win here.

After giving up substantial outside shooting, Philadelphia will have to adjust on the fly as they are clearly in “win now” mode. Will Fultz get with the program or be the next piece to be moved?

One way or another - this is going to be interesting. The Sixers were already one of the most fun teams to watch and that is not set to change. Stay tuned to the Movement! 

The first annual Basketball Movement Jamboree

This weekend saw the first annual Basketball Movement Jamboree for 5th and 6th grade boys.

The first annual Basketball Movement Jamboree was a success, with multiple teams coming together to play each other in a mini-tournament. Practice and drills are important, but nothing aids game preparation quite like… well, playing games.

The Basketball Movement was happy to be able to host and showcase our facilities.

Four of the Yanders Law teams were in attendance - Yanders Law Arkansas and Tulsa were not able to attend this time. There were several other teams as well that came to ball out. It was an excellent opportunity to bring coaches and teams together to have a meeting of basketball minds in addition to getting to just play basketball.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of the teams that came out to make the jamboree a success. The Basketball Movement is a hub for all ages of boys and girls to step up their game and this weekend’s success was another great example.

As I write this from the press box at The Basketball Movement, Yanders Law players are practicing in the gyms below. It is a great reminder of what The Basketball Movement facility and Yanders Law program offer these players.

Coach Craig already has the guys working up a sweat - pushing the importance of doing your job, carrying your weight, and trusting your teammates to do the same. Having trust in your teammates can be freeing, even if you are focused on doing your job. Trusting your teammates makes for more confident passing, better help defense, and group muscle memory.

In the other gym, Coach Sly is making sure that the players start strong and finish strong in everything they do. Taking your foot off the gas opens opportunities for opponents to get a leg-up when they shouldn’t. Finishing strong in your drills will help you finish your games strong too.

The scene here at The Movement changes a bit day-to-day, but the message and mission are always the same. Players come here to get better at basketball and the result is more skilled players, strengthened friendships, and better people.

We are proud of what we do and will definitely do more jamborees in the future after the success of the weekend.

Keep your eyes out for more collaborations with Yanders Law, Jamborees, and other events from The Basketball Movement!

Angels of the Hardwood - Yanders Law, The Basketball Movement, and Jones Family YMCA

Yanders Law, The Basketball Movement, and the Jones Family YMCA are teaming up to bring Angels of the Hardwood to the local community.

This year will mark the first annual Angels of the Hardwood event put on by Yanders Law and its players. Yanders Law will be partnering with The Basketball Movement and its coaches to utilize the facilities and resources that The Basketball Movement can provide. The goal of this absolutely free event is to make a difference in the lives of children and let them know that people care.

During the Angels of the Hardwood event, 100 pairs of Nike shoes will be given to those in need as well as Nike shirts, basketballs, and more. The event will take place at the Jones Family YMCA on December 16th from 1:00 to 3:00pm. Angels of the Hardwood is an idea by Rob Yanders, born out of a desire to give back to the community using the platform of basketball.

“A night of basketball” will be taking place at the Jones Family YMCA in conjunction with the Angels of the Hardwood event. This evening will bring everything back to basketball, giving the players the opportunity to grow on the court through Basketball Movement skills and drills.

Full details for the event can be found on Yanders Law website here.

Follow Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement wherever possible to learn more about initiatives like this as well as some of the best basketball training and development available in the Midwest.

Life Through Sport - The Basketball Movement

The Basketball Movement is launching a new program to teach young people and athletes life lessons through sports.

A basketball and sports-centered curriculum is the perfect tool to teach life lessons. Sports are relatable, engaging, and fun. They capture those involved and those who watch like little else can in our world. The Basketball Movement has always stressed the importance of being a good teammate, family member, and friend as well as valuable member of society. Now, we are taking that to the next level.

Enter: Life Through Sport. At TBM, we love basketball. Beyond that, we love player development and even more so - people development. It is important to love the game because it will push individuals to unlock their potential as players. There are so many life lessons to be learned from basketball though, that we want to highlight the important carryovers into everyday life. That is what Life Through Sport is all about.

Players of all ages can benefit from the Life Through Sport curriculum at The Basketball Movement. The courses are applicable to grade school players that still have much to learn all the way up to NBA-level guys that need reminders and advice on what it means to be purpose-driven and kind.

Life Through Sport will involve mini discussions, group workshops, and patented motivational speaking by The Basketball Movement’s Founder, Rob Yanders.

The first course of the program will be “Legacy”. The keys will be character, responsibility, preparation, purpose, sacrifice, and more. The takeaways from this new curriculum will give players a head-start compared to other athletes. There will be more specifics on Legacy and the program as a whole coming very soon.

The person is the player” as Rob says, which means that performance on the court is often a reflection of your attitude in life. Your life can affect your game, but, The Basketball Movement is going to teach how your game can affect your life.

Stay tuned for more details about Life Through Sport as The Basketball Movement continues to strive to help our players reach their full potential on and off the court. Thanks for being along for the ride.

Happy Halloween from The Basketball Movement

Happy Halloween, everyone! You know what’s really scary? Letting your basketball skills get rusty. Yikes!

Something we really get right in the U.S. of A. is holidays. From Independence Day and Christmas to more silly ones like Valentine’s Day and Halloween, we know how to party. Holidays are fun, but also just great excuses to get together with family and friends.

Unfortunately, Halloween gets a bad rap compared to some of the other holidays because a lot of people take advantage of it. Many people are going around in costumes and masks, which makes individuals think they can get away with things. Vandalism and theft are usually up around this time, often involving kids.

As athletes or student-athletes, you have a lot on your plate. It is already tough to balance your work and or school life while improving on the game that you love. With a sport like basketball, you have many teammates that depend on you to pull your weight and set a good example. For that reason (among many others) you need to remember to not let peer pressure or other temptations get you into trouble.

“The person is the player” as Rob Yanders says. Anything you do off the court has a chance to impact you on the court. One or two silly decisions may have an impact that you aren’t prepared for. You know how to conduct yourself; make smart decisions that are not going to even have a chance of negative consequence.

What you do when nobody is watching is what separates a champion from everybody else.
— Unknown

Before you do anything tonight with family, friends, or on your own, get some free throws up. Holidays are unique because they are seen as days-off from the norm, even ones like Halloween, where you must still go to work or school. On days in which people are soaking up time off - that may be your opportunity to get even better than normal at your craft. Days like this are the perfect opportunity to outwork your competition.

As it often is around this time, tonight is looking like it will be cool and wet. This may not be ideal for putting in work in the driveway or street, but you know where you can find a gym to get some work done in. Even a state-of-the-art facility like The Basketball Movement is simply built around some basketball hoops. Give us a shout if you would like to come in and outwork your competition.

Happy Halloween again, everyone! Remember to stay safe, soak up family and friends, and outwork everybody else during the holiday season!

Preseason top 25 boys high school teams

MaxPreps, an authority on high school hoops has released their selections for the top 25 high school boys teams for 2018-19.

Another list! NBA basketball has begun, but with NCAA and prep hoops still on the way, more preseason predictions keep coming in. Here we are going to review MaxPreps list of the top 25 boys high school teams in the U.S. They note that a full top-100 list is still in the works and will be released soon.

For anyone familiar with high school hoops, the list has many familiar schools. For Southwest Missouri basketball fans, you will find some team names that you will recognize from the annual Tournament of Champions.

The least surprising team on the list is the one in the top spot. Montverde Academy (Montverde, FL) won the GEICO Nationals title last season, finishing undefeated on the year. They were led by MaxPreps National Player of the Year, RJ Barrett (now at Duke). MaxPreps notes that they are 172-10 over their last six seasons. They are picked to finish at the top once again.

Last year’s GEICO Nationals runner-up, University (Fort Lauderdale, FL) is picked to finish fourth. Another perennial powerhouse, Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, VA) is expected to finish second.

Below is the full top-25 team list from MaxPreps.com

1. Montverde Academy (Montverde, Fla.)

2. Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.)

3. IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.)

4. University (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)

5. Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, Calif.)

6. DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.)

7. Sunrise Christian Academy (Bel Aire, Kan.)

8. La Lumiere (LaPorte, Ind.)

9. McEachern (Powder Springs, Ga.)

10. Imhotep Charter (Philadelphia)

11. Paul VI (Fairfax, Va.)

12. Guyer (Denton, Texas)

13 Shadow Mountain (Phoenix, Ariz.)

14. Norcross (Ga.)

15. Rancho Christian (Temecula, Calif.)

16. Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.)

17. Ranney School (Tinton Falls, N.J.)

18. Belleville West (Belleville, Ill.)

19. Gonzaga Prep (Spokane, Wash.)

20. Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, Nev.)

21. Federal Way (Wash.)

22. South Garland (Garland, Texas)

23. Mountain Brook (Birmingham, Ala.)

24. Rainier Beach (Seattle, Wash.)

25. Roselle Catholic (Roselle, N.J.)

Keep an eye out for MaxPreps full top-100 list to see if there are more familiar schools out there expected to finish big. For more basketball content from prep-to-pro, keep it locked to The Basketball Movement.

Coaches, if you would like to talk about taking your players or team to the next level, contact The Basketball Movement here!

Appreciation - The Basketball Movement

At The Basketball Movement, there is an emphasis on producing not only better players, but better people as well.

Too often in today’s game, players struggle to appreciate everything that is done for them. Players tend to see coaches, teachers, and guardians as little more than tools in place to help them improve. While coaches certainly do their best to help players improve, the good ones go out of their way to make sure that they are enriching the player’s lives beyond just the sport of basketball.

The amount of time that goes into being a successful coach is often dismissed because it revolves around a sport/game. People and players do not always stop and consider that coaches are putting in the time because they want to help young people grow in many ways using the sport they are coaching.

(Click here for more on Rob Yanders and how The Basketball Movement strives to set excellent examples for its players)

It is true that basketball coaches do what they do because they love it. Even so, good coaches are deserving of your gratitude. If a coach, assistant, ball boy, bus driver, or anyone in between has taken the time to help you get where you are - thank them.

The occasional “Thank you” can go a long way. Not only do coaches or anyone else truly love to hear it, but it can help to further connections that you have with these people. A coach-player relationship is symbiotic. That means that it is mutually beneficial for both parties. If the coach does improve not only your game, but your future, they deserve your thanks. Likewise, player successes are also coach successes. Take the time to appreciate each other.

Speaking of thankless jobs, don’t forget to stop and appreciate parents/guardians as well. The hours, days, and years that they put in working, raising you, feeding you, covering your teams dues, buying equipment, and driving around deserve so much thanks. It is true that as parents or guardians, they have certain responsibilities. That does not mean that their hard work should go unnoticed. Players, these individuals in your lives deserve appreciation. Remember to thank them as often as you can.

Parents and guardians - remember that the grind doesn’t stop for you either. You have already put in so much time and effort, but you know well that those responsibilities don’t take days off. You are so lucky to have these players in your life. Soak up all of the good times and stay strong through the bad - your kids don’t stop needing you.

In speaking with The Basketball Movement’s founder, Rob Yanders, he describes that parent’s roles with their player are almost always bigger than either of them even realize.

In helping get these kids through the recruiting phase, many people don’t realize that the guardians are being recruited and interviewed too. Parents often serve as a window into the player’s background and personal life. Recruiters don’t underestimate these roles and neither should the families.
— Rob Yanders

You will have many relationships in your life. Some will be personal, some will be professional, and all of them should be handled with care. Take time to appreciate everyone that has been a part of your journey. Aside from personally reflecting on these relationships, go out of your way to thank the individuals involved.

In a time in which some players may feel entitled, stand out as someone that coaches and other individuals want to help because you are so grateful. Never stop grinding - on the court or in life!

NCAA - Preseason AP men's top 25 poll

The annual Associated Press rankings are out, giving us a glimpse at expected NCAAM basketball finishes.

This ranking is comprised of votes from prominent sports writers across the country. The writers fill in which teams they expect to finish where once the NCAA basketball season is said and done. The poll has proven to be a fairly accurate predictor of NCAA tournament contenders, if not always Final Four predictions.

The voting showed an expectation for a clear top-tier. The first four teams on the list were pretty consistent before more variation in the lower rankings. Kansas received 37 first place votes, making the Jayhawks an early favorite by a fair margin. Kansas has not always lived up to the hype when expectations are high, but this is a new season with a new crop of players. Anything can happen.

Obviously we lost a lot off last year’s team with Devonte’, Svi [Mykhailiuk], and Malik [Newman], so I’m a little surprised that the writers put us there this preseason... It’s definitely a spot we welcome and certainly know the goal is to be playing to that ranking by when it counts the most. With the young players, we know it’s going to take some time before we’re anywhere close to where we’re going to be, but I do like this team, and I think we have a chance to be very good
— Kansas' Bill Self to the AP

Kentucky is picked to finish second and received 19 first place votes. No other team received more than 4 first place votes in the poll. John Calipari’s squad is always unpredictable as it is filled with new faces every year. Those faces are always prominent ones however, and the squad should win a lot of games once again.

Gonzaga (3) and Duke (4) round out the top four selections. This is the highest Gonzaga has been ranked coming into a season. Duke had one of the best recruiting summers it has ever had, and will be looking to go all the way with its young core. Outside shooting may be an issue, but one that Mike Krzyzewski will probably find a way to work around.

Below is the list of the AP top 25 per ESPN:

AP preseason Top 25 poll

First-place votes in parentheses

1. Kansas (37)
2. Kentucky (19)
3. Gonzaga (1)
4. Duke (4)
5. Virginia (2)
6. Tennessee (1)
7. Nevada
8. North Carolina
9. Villanova (1)
10. Michigan State
11. Auburn
12. Kansas State
13. West Virginia
14. Oregon
15. Virginia Tech
16. Syracuse
17. Florida State
18. Mississippi State
19. Michigan
20. TCU
21. UCLA
22. Clemson
23. LSU
24. Purdue
25. Washington

Though they won the championship last season, Villanova lost some of its top talent and was picked to finish ninth. Loyola (Chicago) picked to win the Missouri Valley Conference only just missed the top 25, finishing a few votes behind Washington.

Other teams receiving votes are listed here, also per ESPN: Loyola (Chi) 162, Marquette 124, Indiana 98, Florida 71, Nebraska 35, Maryland 28, Wisconsin 24, Notre Dame 22, Cincinnati 21, Alabama 15, UCF 15, Buffalo 14, Arizona 14, Louisville 11, Miami 10, San Diego St 9, USC 6, Butler 6, Texas Tech 6, Texas 5, Arizona St 3, St. John's 3, Providence 2, Xavier 2, Missouri 1, NC State 1, Marshall 1, Davidson 1

Of course these rankings do little more than give us something to talk about as we anxiously await the start of the college basketball season. The first games begin November 6th, so we will start seeing how good these teams really are soon.

Good luck to everyone’s favorite team this season! For more college hoops, NBA basketball, and local stuff, keep it locked to The Basketball Movement and follow us on Twitter @BBall_Movement

Missouri State basketball is gearing up

Today’s Missouri State intrasquad scrimmages served as a reminder that NCAA hoops are on the horizon.

Southwest Missouri - it’s time to get excited. Bears basketball is on it’s way. Missouri State’s men’s and women’s teams held open practice this morning to have intrasquad scrimmages. The scrimmages have become a football homecoming weekend tradition. This also serves as a reminder that if you are a Drury or Evangel fan all the way through Duke or Kentucky, college hoops are right around the corner.

This morning’s scrimmages turned out plenty of MSU fans that were willing to break away from all the other homecoming activities. The players all looked good and the coaches spoke some encouraging words for those in attendance.

MSU’s men’s team was recently picked to place 8th in the MVC pre-season poll. Coach Dana Ford is confident that their hard work can drive them well beyond that mark. The men’s schedule is below, taken directly from missouristatebears.com


The Lady Bears are expected to finish much higher in the Missouri Valley Conference. They were picked to end up 3rd overall in the preseason poll. The lady’s schedule is below, also taken from missouristatebears.com.


Fantasy basketball - Taking fandom to the next level

The Basketball Movement is all about basketball in reality, but fantasy basketball is too big to ignore.

Within the doors of The Basketball Movement, players of all kinds have trained to improve. From grade school girls to the men of the NBA, The Movement has been dedicated to enriching basketball experiences, taking skill development to the next level, and promoting players and the sport of basketball in as many ways as possible.

While real, physical development is what TBM is all about, there is an intangible aspect of basketball that is growing all the time. Let’s talk about fantasy hoops.

Stats have been a big part of sports for a long time. Points per game as well as rebounds and assists have long been obvious indicators of success on the floor. It is not surprising that as time has gone on, more statistical categories have been scrutinized and compared, especially at the pro level.

With the ever-growing emphasis on statistics, fantasy basketball was always an inevitability. The premise was quickly rounded into the game-within-a-game that we now see today. Family, friends, and even complete strangers can use fantasy drafts to assemble a team of ballers that they believe is better than everyone else’s. Arguing about which players are better, worse, or primed for a breakout has never had a better platform.

Fantasy hoops is a great way for fans to show off what they believe to be superior sports knowledge. It also just makes for some good conversation. For those that play, it makes sure that you always have something to talk about with fellow sports enthusiasts. (Personal plug: I have written more about fantasy being the “Rosetta Stone” of sports here on my personal site).

2018-19 NBA fantasy players

With the 2018-19 NBA season underway, the fantasy season has also begun. It is still not too late to join drafts on sites such as Yahoo or ESPN. Player rankings often depend on the type of scoring in the league. The below list from ESPN.com for example suggests Russell Westbrook going very high in drafts. That means it is projecting for a league that discounts the negative effects of field goal percentage and turnovers.

(Second personal plug: Speaking of Westbrook and fantasy, I will be writing a weekly fantasy column on the OKC Thunder players and their opponents. Check out the week 1 article at Thunderous Intentions)

No list like the one below is guaranteed to bring success. That is the fun part: making your own picks and bragging about it later (or feeling great shame).

 As the title mentions, this list displays the top 150, but that gets a bit lengthy for our purposes. To see all picks, use the ESPN link posted above.

As the title mentions, this list displays the top 150, but that gets a bit lengthy for our purposes. To see all picks, use the ESPN link posted above.

Alright, alright, enough about fantasy. Keep scrolling through The Basketball Movement’s blog for not only more NBA content, but more stuff on all things basketball.

The 2018-19 NBA season tips off tonight

After a long summer of draft hype, free agency, Summer League action, and trade drama, NBA games are finally back.

This summer, the NBA felt more like a drama than a thriller. Between the Kawhi Leonard trade, LeBron James signing, and now Jimmy Butler debacle, there has been plenty of entertainment. As interesting as all of that has been, it is refreshing that we are finally getting back to basketball.

Hoops at the highest level returns tonight with a double-header on TNT. Things kick off with two Eastern Conference powerhouses at 7:00PM (CST). The young, talented Philadelphia 76ers are headed to Boston to take on the Celtics. The C’s are largely considered to be the team to beat out east. Thoughts can’t help but turn to opening night last season, which also featured the Celtics. The newly acquired Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome leg injury in that one, but he is set to finally break onto the scene with Kyrie Irving and company.

Following that game is a big Western Conference clash, featuring the defending champion Golden State Warriors and OKC Thunder at 9:30PM (CST). This has been a classic matchup ever since Kevin Durant fled to Golden State to easily win championships in an attempt to pad his “legacy” (sorry… I’m a Thunder fan).

Following the departure of Carmelo Anthony, OKC is hoping to have better offensive and defensive flow. Unfortunately, they will be without defensive stopper, Andre Roberson for a couple months and they may be missing Russell Westbrook for a few games as well following a minor offseason surgery.

The majority of the league will start their seasons up tomorrow evening. LeBron’s Lakers debut will come Thursday night against the Portland Trailblazers on the backside of another TNT double-header.

Get your fantasy lineups set, popcorn ready to pop, and favorite jersey on. The NBA is back, baby.

There is a lot to look forward to this upcoming season. The Basketball Movement will be tracking NBA action as well as NCAA on down to prep hoops. Keep checking back, because there is always movement in the world of basketball!

Altercations on the court

In a competitive environment, altercations are going to occur. Learn how to deal with them with TBM.

Thanks to our friend, the internet, we are constantly seeing fights at all levels of the game of basketball. Much of them involve trash talking gone wrong, embarrassed players acting out, or players determined to show others up or act tough. Even at the highest level - the NBA has already had some on-court altercations between players despite only being in the preseason.

Basketball is a game, and therefore built around competition. Two teams try their best to outplay each other, so naturally emotion and competitive nature sometimes overflow.

Of course, our best advice is to avoid confrontation completely. If you or your team are rolling, get pumped up and let your swagger infect your squad. However, remember to not taunt opposing players. Also be gracious in defeat, and take out your frustrations by playing hard, not dishing out verbal jabs or frustration fouls.

Basketball is a team sport, so acting out on the court is when something gets under your skin is a selfish action. Even if you keep yourself in check, your teammates or opponents may not be so even-keeled at all times. Know what to do if an altercation boils over on the floor.

When things have gone too far

At all levels of the game (perhaps even more so in the pros), we see players getting in each other’s faces. Shouting matches accomplish nothing positive for your squad. If you see players starting into each other, place yourself between your teammate and the opponent. Do your best to talk them down by reminding him or her that the team needs them to remain cool. A technical free throw can decide a close game and an ejected player can really hurt your team.

If talking your teammate down is not accomplishing anything, attempt to act as a wall and keep your teammate from getting involved with the opposing player physically. Gradually do what you can to get the players moving apart from each other. Once your teammate’s attention gets diverted, the coach can step in and remind them where their priorities lie.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
— Michael Jordan

In the event that things do turn physical, keeping the players apart becomes even more important. You can take a bit of a more “hands-on” approach to holding your teammate back, just make sure to not be too aggressive in any of your actions, or they may be misinterpreted.

Wrestling around acting tough is one thing, but if someone starts throwing punches, you have a problem. Not only can players get hurt, even those not involved, but ejections also may turn into lengthy suspensions. Letting your emotions get the best of you in situations like these is one of the most selfish things you can do as a player.

Remember, these things do not apply to bench players. If you are on the bench while an altercation is taking place, stay on the bench. Stand and deliver advice to the players on the court if you must, but if you step onto the court, you are just going to hurt your team.

For more basketball tips, news, and info, keep checking back here at The Basketball Movement.

The Jimmy Butler saga

Jimmy Butler has made it clear that he wants a new team. That didn’t stop him from practicing - hard.

Minnesota Timberwolves swingman, Jimmy Butler has been looking for way out of Minny for much of the Summer. With the 2018-19 NBA season nearly upon us, he still has not been dealt. Coach and Basketball Operations President, Tom Thibodeau has been with Butler for a long time and originally was trying everything to keep him. Now that they are finally open to trading him, they are struggling to find a solid return.

The result is an unhappy Jimmy Butler still with the team. Debatably the top source for happenings in the National Basketball Association, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski or “Woj” is the man to listen for with any news on situations like these. Once Woj broke his Twitter silence to announce that Butler practiced for the first time with the team, we new things were going to get real.

Then the juicy stuff started coming in.

Butler’s return to the team was going to have an unavoidable awkwardness no-matter what. Things apparently went beyond awkward though, with emotions spilling over and confrontations between teammates, coach, and general manager.

From ESPN’s numerous reports on the situation, it sounds like between Butler’s verbal jabs was some of the hardest played basketball a Timberwolves practice has seen since Kevin Garnett.

Butler reportedly played alongside the team’s third-string players and soundly beat the regular starters. He was guarding the much larger Karl-Anthony Towns in the paint and succeeding. He was shining light on KAT and Andrew Wiggins’ lack of killer instinct.

The below interview between Jimmy and ESPN’s Rachel Nichols confirms the reports concerning how things went down. Butler is clearly displeased, believing that he is underappreciated as the hardest working player on his team. He says that Towns has the most talent and Wiggins has the most “God-given” ability with his long arms, large hands, and bounce. He has also made it clear who has the most fire.

Even if Butler is right about his running-mate’s lack of drive or the organization’s lack of appreciation for him, his response was perhaps a bit bold. Outplaying everyone in the gym and challenging teammates is one thing, but some of his comments towards ownership need some censoring. Regardless, Jimmy is clearly playing at his old All-Star level and looking to take a team with him to the top - whichever team that may be.

Many players may have left inspired by Jimmy Butler’s tenacity. By the end of the day though, the wound between Butler and the organization has not been mended. You know what that means? Unless a trade happens instantly, he’ll be back practicing with the team again today.

Update: It has been reported that the Timberwolves are not practicing today (10/11). There will be no media access either.

For more NBA action and everything else basketball, follow The Basketball Movement on Twitter and keep checking back with us here.

NBA Preseason is in full swing

We are in the middle of the 2018 NBA Preseason, which runs from Friday, September 28 through Friday, October 12.

There is no denying it now; the 2018-19 NBA regular season is close. So close that there is already plenty of action! The stars may be limited in the preseason, but there are many reasons to tune in as many of the best basketball players in the world collide.

New faces in new places, breakout candidates, and up-and-coming full-time NBA hopefuls abound this NBA preseason.

As for new faces in new places, it would be tough to argue that anyone stands out more than LeBron James in his Lakers gold and purple. At 33 years old, James has played a surprising amount this preseason. It was exciting to catch a glimpse of him already as he begins to gel with his new, young Lakers teammates. Despite his comparatively advanced age and limited minutes, he still looks like the same ol’ LeBron James and had good chemistry with new teammate, Rajon Rondo.

We have talked plenty about the offseason’s blockbuster DeMar DeRozan / Kawhi Leonard trade. DeRozan looked fairly pedestrian in his first outing as a San Antonio Spur, albeit also in limited minutes. Leonard is the more interesting player to watch, as we have not seen him play in some time due largely to injury.

So far in limited minutes, he has not had much time to put up big numbers. However, he appears to be moving well and has had some flashy moments handling the ball in a halfcourt set for the Raptors. The addition of Leonard will instantly vault the Raptors into the conversations about top defensive teams in the NBA.

There are naturally more players in new places, but we will continue to cover them all as the season progresses.

On the rookie side of things, first overall pick, DeAndre Ayton has looked as good as advertised. Luka Doncic is also looking well-rounded. There are many promising young players joining the fray this year. The Cavaliers, Collin Sexton and New York Knicks, Kevin Knox have shown great promise. Trae Young is distributing nicely but has yet to get his shot going.

Other NBA news:

Jimmy Butler is still a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Coach Tom Thibodeau has essentially said that the team is still trying to move him.

After missing the majority of the 2017-18 season, Andre Roberson of the OKC Thunder has re-aggravated his injury. He will likely miss two additional months.

For more NBA, NCAA, prep, and local basketball goodness, keep coming back right here to The Basketball Movement.

The Basketball Movement Invitational recap

The Basketball Movement’s 2018 Boys Invitational Camp was a success for all involved.

The Movement wants to thank all of the players that came out, parents or guardians of those players, staff and volunteers, and sponsors for helping to make this another successful camp.

A camp like this one sets out with several clear goals: Improve players, showcase their talent, build relationships, and have fun playing the amazing game of basketball. We enjoyed meeting first-time participants and parents as well as reconnecting with those we already knew well. The Basketball Movement is thrilled to be able to provide a platform for these up-and-comers as they look to improve and gain recognition.

The camp is invitational because iron sharpens iron. Players were able to compete at a very high level that they may not always have the opportunity to do. Aside from playing 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5, players also got to focus on skill development while soaking up the wealth of knowledge Rob Yanders and his coaches provide. A focus on physical well-being, interactions/connections, and continuous development are always at the forefront at The Movement.

With interviews, professional photos, some Twitter shoutouts, and more, players got to experience a professional atmosphere that is rare at this level. Part of it builds confidence and promotes an elite-level experience, but also… it’s fun! Basketball is a game and The Movement always pulls out all the stops for players at all levels.

There was no shortage of highlights from the weekend. Let’s get into which players stood out from the pack!

All-NBA Division Second Team

The games were broken up into three tiers: NBA, G-League, and Division I. The games were played using corresponding rules from their league. Below are The Basketball Movement’s selections for the All-NBA Division Second Team.


Evan Guillory

6’2” - Joplin class of 2020


Donyae McCaskill

6’2” - Vashon class of 2019

Committed to University of Portland


Isaac Haney

6’0” - Dora class of 2021


Anton Brookshire

6’1” - Kickapoo class of 2021


Quenton Shelton

6’2” - Lebanon class of 2020

Congratulations to The Basketball Movement’s All-NBA Division Second Team players!

All-NBA Division First Team

Now for the players that stood out all weekend long and earned top honors. Below are The Movement’s selections for All-NBA Division First Team.


Malek Davis

5’10” - Cardinal Ritter Prep class of 2019

Committed to Drury


Tre Edwards

6’7” - Link Year Prep class of 2019


Chase Adams

5’8” - Link Year Prep class of 2019


Tyem Freeman

6’6” - Parkview class of 2019

Committed to Missouri State


Austin Johnson

6’9” Link Year Prep class of 2019

Congratulations to the above All-NBA Division First Team players from The Basketball Movement’s Boys Invitational Camp!

Of course we still have other divisions. Keep an eye on The Basketball Movement’s blog and follow us on Twitter @BBall_Movement to stay on top of this and all other things basketball. Thanks again to all involved with making this year’s tournament a success. Keep grinding!

Day two grinding - TBM Invitational Camp

Bigger day - bigger turnout as some holdouts from Friday night football are here to round out the rosters.

The Basketball Movement’s 2018 Boys Invitational Camp had a great turnout night one. Players were able to get their pro photos taken, some great workouts in, and even a few trims in the chop shop upstairs. Day two is gearing up to be even better with a full crop of young men and great action on deck.

Yesterday was filled with drills, half court work, and a get-to-know-you feel. Today the players will be going harder at their stations and get in some NBA style combine work. Everything will culminate tonight in games divided by the respective tiers.

The Division 1 game will be played first this evening, then G-League, finishing with the NBA division. As we had mentioned, the games will be played using the corresponding rules of the league. That means we will be firing up the shot clocks, running 12 minute quarters, upping foul counts, and everything in-between.


A lot of the players are pumped for the combine drills, but of course the games are the highlight. Game-time situations are always a player’s favorite. It will give them the opportunity to show out and apply everything they have learned so far from Rob Yanders and The Basketball Movement.

The players are going through stretches now and Rob is - you guessed it - fired up. Like a kid in a candy store, Rob is jumping around like a ball of energy and encouragement. Coach Rob genuinely loves improving players as people and players. Each one of these athletes will have the opportunity to grow in the game of basketball here as well as soak up Rob’s positive influence.

The intensity is already palpable as the coaches are moving from stretching into conditioning. No one is going halfway today.

Side note: The shoe game today is on point with these players! Of course the TBM crew is looking fresh as well in head-to-toe Nike/Jordan gear.

On that note we want to give another shoutout to our tournament sponsors: Nike, Gatorade, Eastbay, Houlihan’s, Hilton Garden Inn, Guaranty Bank, Great Southern Bank, Old Missouri Bank, and TLC Properties

TBM's 2018 Boy's Invitational Camp is underway!

Coach Rob Yanders is firing up the troops as The Basketball Movement kicks off it’s annual invitational camp.

The Basketball Movement’s camp is different. Players from Springfield to Spain and everywhere in-between have gathered to learn under the tutelage of Coach Rob Yanders and his crew. Players started off by getting up some practice shots and coming over for professional photographs ahead of the real work.

There is a sense of excitement from the moment you walk through The Movement’s doors. The scent of hardwood, sound of balls bouncing, and nervous energy give off the perfect vibe. The camp already has a professional feel.

Rob was firing up the players already, as is his specialty. The inspirational Yanders is mixing his patented brand of toughness with a little humor and of course - fire.


After getting a few shots up, some jogging/stretching, and a couple more words of encouragement - we are already going full-speed.

The players have been divided up by initial tiers and are cycling through their stations. The nervous energy is quickly evaporating and turning into sweat and instinct. As the players continue to warm up and fully get their blood pumping, they will soon be ready for Robert’s hardcore basketball style.

It is an impressive crop of players from very diverse backgrounds. It will be exciting to see how far The Basketball Movement can elevate their game. If they are willing to put in the work, they will leave day one exhausted, better, and hungry for more.

Stay tuned.

The Basketball Movement 2018 Boys High School Invitational Camp

The Basketball Movement is hosting an elite camp under head instructor Rob Yanders with combine drills, scouting, development, and competitive play.

This weekend, September 28-30 is the 7th annual Basketball Movement Invitational Camp. However, this year is completely different. The Basketball Movement is taking the traditional basketball camp experience and ratcheting it up multiple levels. This invite-only camp is designed to showcase and improve top-tier men’s high school basketball talent.

The camp will feature NBA style combine testing, intense skill development work, and competitive gameplay. After a successful career at all levels of the game, coach Rob Yanders and his staff will spend the weekend grooming players for success and instilling lessons for life on and off the court.

For More on Rob Yanders and his vision for The Basketball Movement, click here.


Things will start Friday at 7:00 PM and run through Sunday at 5:00 PM. Friday will largely consist of NBA-style combine work so that players can show their abilities and skill level. Saturday will involve intense development as players cycle through stations, learn schemes, and participate in competitive halfcourt situations (2v2, 4v4, etc.). Games will be played nightly.


Everything will take place at The Basketball Movement Facility:

2135 N Sports Complex Ln, Nixa, MO


There will be former NBA players, college players, coaches, scouts, and of course top high school boys talent in attendance. There will be media and scouting coverage by Slam Magazine, BallisLife, MidwestBallers, The Basketball Movement, 8EYE Media, SWMO Basketball, and other scouting outlets.

The games will be broken up into tiers this year. There will be NBA Level, G-League level, and D1 level. Each night will start with the D1 game and end with NBA, using rules from the corresponding levels. This means that the top level games will be played with NBA rules - 24 second shot clock, six fouls, four 12 minute quarters, etc.

Stats will be a point of emphasis this year, with statisticians in the building for each game. They will be implementing a European approach to complete player evaluations after each game. This will be a true measure of productivity that extends well beyond scoring. Rebounds, deflections, everything that happens on the court will be taken into account.


The Basketball Movement will be using this opportunity to teach players the importance of paying it forward. Athletes have the privilege of playing the sport they love - but not everyone can experience such privileges.

Investing in community is very important to TBM’s founder, Rob Yanders. As he says, “You don’t have to be great to serve, but you do have to serve to be great.” More on how The Movement will be giving back with clothes, food, etc. to come.


Players will be coming in from all over. Players should have received hotel and cost information from The Basketball Movement. If you still need details or were unable to access this information, Contact The Basketball Movement using the below information:

ROB YANDERS 417.655.1001
CRAIG SMITH: 417.861.2166
OFFICE: 417.988.6723


This year’s camp sponsored by: Nike, Gatorade, Eastbay, Houlihan’s, Hilton Garden Inn, Guaranty Bank, Great Southern Bank, Old Missouri Bank, TLC Properties

ESPN top 100 NBArank 2018-19

Each year, ESPN attempts the impossible by ranking the top 100 NBA players ahead of the new season.

NBA players are the best of the basketball world. To break them out and rank them against each other on-by-one would be a daunting task. Each player brings different things to their respective teams. Still, the talking heads of the sports world love rankings. So, ESPN, The Undefeated, and FiveThirtyEight got together to do their best to determine the most valuable players going into the 2018-19 season.

The rankings were voted on by TV analysts, producers, reporters, editors, and researchers. They voted to estimate which players would be best this season in terms of quality and quantity of play. For the latter reason, players coming off of injuries such as Gordon Hayward (40), Kristaps Porzingis (58), or DeMarcus Cousins (69) appear a little lower than it seems they should.

Another factor that is brought up frequently on the list is RPM, which means Real Plus Minus. Per ESPN, this metric measures how well a team does offensively and defensively with any given player on the court, and compares it with how well the team does at each with that same player off the court.

The list is not perfect and of course will be proved wrong many times this season. Still, it makes for great barber shop conversation. Giannis Antetokounmpo tied with Kevin Durant? Let’s talk.

The top 10

Damien Lillard sits at the number ten spot, which does not come as much of a surprise. Lillard is coming off of a selection as First Team All-NBA a season ago. His scoring and leadership for the Trailblazers will continue this season. Joel Embiid is number nine, but could certainly continue his ascension as one of the best bigs in the game.

Kawhi Leonard is eight, assuming he goes all-out playing for the Raptors this year. Number seven is the new Mr. Triple-Double, Russell Westbrook. The former MVP at the seven spot shows the strength of the NBA in 2018.

Third in MVP voting last season, Anthony Davis is number six. Statistically, “The Brow” is one of the best players in the NBA. He has been a bit fragile for much of his career, but his offense and defense are both impossible to deny for the Pelicans. We skip five because ESPN notes a tie for the fourth best player.

Giannis Antetokounmpo has drastically improved each season and is just 23 years old. His offense has blossomed and he may now be the premier player in the Eastern Conference with LeBron James out of town. Kevin Durant is a back-to-back FInals MVP and the best scorer we’ve seen in a long time. It may have hurt him in these rankings that the Warriors can keep on churning without him.

Last season’s MVP, James Harden is listed at number three. His isolation play, passing, and well-rounded offensive game make him one of the greatest in the world. His defense, while improved, may have held him down on this rankings. Steph Curry is listed at two. Though his points have dipped since the arrival of Durant, his efficiency as a high-volume shooter is simply unheard of. He is one of the greatest winners in basketball, and the greatest shooter to date.

ESPN lists LeBron James as number one, and has for the last eight years. That’s some staying power. LeBron’s dominance as a player, especially in the Playoffs is undeniable. He will be 34 this season, but his stats have only improved over the last few seasons. We haven’t seen any decline yet, so there is no reason to expect it.

The other guys

Curry and Durant have some running mates in the top 20. Klay Thompson (19) and Draymond Green (16) are great players that also benefit from a great team. A couple of other notable top 20 guys that are teamed with top 10 players are Paul George (13) and Chris Paul (11).

Kyrie Irving at number 20 certainly seems like a player that could rise with a healthy Celtics squad. Irving’s teammate Jayson Tatum is already up to number 24 while Jaylen brown at 37 is two spots higher than DeMar DeRozan, which seems… wrong. Ben Simmons (18) is another player poised to move up - all he needs is a jumpshot.

A new wrinkle in the rankings is that Bradley Beal (29) has passed teammate, John Wall (32). ESPN already lists rookie Luka Doncic at 63 while first overall pick DeAndre Ayton does not crack the list.

For the full list from 100 on down to number 1, check out ESPN’s page here. The Basketball Movement is ready for the NBA to fire back up, so keep coming back here for continued coverage of this and all things basketball.

"The person is the player"

A Rob Yanders quote cuts deep as we reflect on the impact your life can have on your game.

Often, we are told to shut out emotions as players. The ideal basketball player is always calm, cool, and collected. It is one thing to play with passion, but carrying feelings of sadness, anger, or even a carefree attitude onto the court can negatively impact your play. All of this may be true, but it is unrealistic to expect this from players at all times.

Whether or not you realize it, your life is affecting you on the basketball court. This can be a positive or negative thing. When things are going well in your life, you have less worries. Less worry means less distraction to take away from what you are doing in game-time situations. Basketball can be a distraction from life on its own, but life always finds its way into your thoughts and demeanor.

“The person is the player” is a favorite quote of The Basketball Movement’s Founder, Rob Yanders. This quote was first brought to my attention in an interview with Trae Bell-Haynes, a pro player in Germany. Rob understands that players are more than just guards and forwards - they are people; sons, daughters, friends, students, employees, what have you.

This understanding is what makes Rob such a great coach. He cares for his players and knows that one way to improve on the court is to have a happy life.

Eliminating negativity from your life can be important for not just basketball, but everything you do. The issue with eliminating negativity is that it isn’t always possible. You can cut out toxic friends and influences, but some potentially negative aspects of your life may be more permanent.

It may be easier said than done, but it is important to try and shape the negativity into controlled aggression, motivation, and a competitive advantage. No one knows exactly what you’re going through besides yourself. If you must dwell on those issues, put a positive spin on them. Use things like basketball to enhance your life by making you rise above your problems. Not much beats the feeling of netting a shot, outrunning an opponent for a loose ball, or skying over everyone for a rebound. The harder you play, the more the issues of the world melt away.

There are hurdles to overcome in sport and in life. Sport is a very valuable learning ground for how to live your life in the best possible way.
— Lynn Davies

If things are generally positive in your life, you will naturally have fewer worries on the court. On the flip side though, you may have less reason to have an edge or play with a chip on your shoulder.

As a player, I personally had a pretty carefree attitude. Win-lose-or-draw, I was about the same after each game. I was happy to have been able to play and not too concerned when I didn’t get in as much as I would like. As a person, this contentment certainly seemed like a strength. As a player however, it resulted in a lack of drive that could hold me back in a competitive situation.

Positive thinking is more than just a tagline. It changes the way we behave. And I firmly believe that when I am positive, it not only makes me better, but it also makes those around me better.
— Harvey Mackay

Everyone is different. Each individual player has a unique situation and a unique way to cope. At The Basketball Movement, Rob Yanders and his coaches are able to bring out a competitive fire in complacent players like I used to be. They can also teach players with more difficult backgrounds to take what they feel may be holding them back and turn it into a monstrous drive to succeed.

Do your best to mold your life into what you want it to be. For help translating everything to the basketball court, contact The Basketball Movement here!