What is your plan for getting better?

Many of you are still deep in your basketball season, be it high school, college, or the NBA. What is your plan once it’s over?

This is one of our favorite times of the year for basketball (well, if we’re being honest it’s always our favorite time of the year for basketball). Players are at their busiest because regular seasons are winding down. From high school district contests to the NBA Playoffs, seasons are plateauing.

Even though players are busy, the best-of-the-best still find time to put in extra reps. Many of the players that come through our doors this time of year are men and women that have separated themselves from the boys and girls. Shout out to those players for coming in to work after their teammates have finished practice and gone home. We see you.

We also understand that it isn’t always possible to find adequate time for these extra reps. Especially at the collegiate level on down, other factors such as school work and family take up time in the evening or sometimes early morning. Even a few sessions a month with us can make a world of difference though. Anyway - down time is coming.

It is a bit early for looking ahead to the offseason, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Whether your team is bounced in the first round or goes all the way, the season will end eventually. Once it’s over, do you have a plan to continue getting better?

Even the top athletes will lose too much ground if they wait until the next season to pick a basketball back up. Don’t lose your edge this offseason. Continue to improve so you can come back stronger, smarter, faster, and more skilled next season. The Basketball Movement wants to help.

Even as a multi-sport athlete, you still must make time to hone your craft. Otherwise, the competition may catch up, eclipse you, or pull further ahead of you. Contact The Basketball Movement to make a plan. We want to work with you to take your game to the next level. Show up to your first practice next season and wow your coaches and teammates. Coaches quickly start forming starting lineups in their heads as well as schemes, plays, and pecking order; insert yourself into the front of their mind.

Shoot us an email at basketballmovement@yahoo.com and be sure to include a contact number. One of our coaches will be in contact with you or your athlete so we can discuss the ways we can help. Skill development is our bread and butter, but what sets us apart is our conditioning, strength training, basketball IQ enhancement, film study, nutrition and stretching tips, and wealth of basketball knowledge and expertise.

If you are ready to get serious about getting better, contact The Basketball Movement.

You're not the only one that can ball

You may be good - even very good, but so are other players. Set yourself apart with help from The Basketball Movement.

A lot of players are familiar with being one of the top players on their team - maybe even the conference, division, state, league, what have you. It is a good feeling to be one of the best. You must keep in mind though, there is likely someone better than you.

You are not the only one that can ball. There is someone out there with a prettier jumper, someone who has a better nose for rebounding, someone stronger, or someone faster. No matter how good you may be at basketball, you are likely not the best.

So... what are you going to do about it?

Talent is one thing, but hard work is what really starts to differentiate players and allows them to take their game to the next level.

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.
— Kevin Durant

If you are willing to put in the time and effort to elevate every aspect of your game, you will be on your way to building separation between yourself and the competition. Basketball requires some natural athleticism at the higher levels of the game. Hard work and dedication to your craft is the top tool that can be used to make up for any comparative deficiencies that you my have.

The grind can't stop either. To work to be the best will require passion that allows you to constantly improve and keep learning more about basketball. 

Here comes the tough news. Not only are you not the only one that can ball; you also aren't the only one that can put in hard work. So, what then?

Set yourself apart with The Basketball Movement

You know the old expression "work smarter not harder"? That is partly true; just make sure that while you're working smarter, you are still working insanely hard. That is the specialty of Rob Yanders and The Basketball Movement. Get in, work your butt off to get better, and get out/take care of your body.

The Movement offers plenty for basketball players seeking an edge. The facility has two full-sized courts, basketball-specific workout equipment, and one of the best staffs for coaching and a player-centered development mentality. It even has a chop shop upstairs to get you a fresh cut, a deal with Gatorade so fridges are always packed, and Area 11 where you can finally relax with some NBA 2K, FIFA, and more.

Any player can find a place to get shots up. At TBM, we offer things like film analysis, skill development, team placement, and more all the way up to Euro-prep and NBA prep. You don't need to have professional aspirations though, as boys and girls of almost any age are welcome to take advantage of our curriculum, open-clinics, and coaching staff.

Basketball experience, top-tier facilities, and a hard-nosed continuous improvement mentality is what TBM can offer players looking to separate from the pack. An urban feel, but professional process at The Movement propels its players to the top.

You may not be the only one that can ball, but you can maximize your potential right here at The Basketball Movement to stay ahead of the competition.

Shooting: Extending to three-point range

In today's game, it is almost impossible to get by without a shooting touch. Is a three-point shot realistic for you?

For a long time, three-pointers were reserved for point guards and shooting guards. Post players would be chastised for daring a shot attempt beyond 16-18 feet from the rim. In today's game however, big players are getting faster, handling the ball better, and showing finesse in their shot attempts. For guards, shooting has become even more important to hang with such players.

The saying goes: "The grass is always greener on the other side." Players that can shoot would give anything to be a powerful dunker the same way a powerful dunker wishes they could shoot (though of course some can do both). Needless to say, most players wish they could drain threes from anywhere like Steph Curry.

Shooting, especially long-range shooting, is not an inherent talent. Shooting takes years of work to perfect. Players do not start out shooting from deep either. Before you can hit threes, you need to be able to hit deep two-pointers. Before deep twos, mid-range shots should be no-problem. Before that: shots in the paint.

This applies not only to young players, but also current ones that would like to extend their range. You must be able to hit mid-range before long balls the way you must be able to walk before you can run.

Determining if you are a three point shooter

No one can stop you from working on outside shooting. However, if your coach says "Stay in the paint", then stay in the paint and practice everything that they tell you while you are on their watch. Sometimes if you want to branch out, you must do it on your own time. Get in a gym - maybe one with a basketball shooting gun at its disposal... we may be able to help with that part.


As mentioned previously, you can't become a deep-threat overnight. Extending your range must be a gradual process. Get comfortable hitting mid-range jumpers from everywhere on the floor. Once you are fully comfortable and efficient from that range, reward yourself with some three-point shots. Just make sure you are practicing the right way

Again, The Basketball Movement can help.

For many young players it is a matter of strength. If heaving up threes takes you out of your traditional shooting motion, it might be a little early. Keep working on your strength and shooting from shorter distances. Patience is a virtue.

If you are already an established player looking to extend your range, seek guidance to make sure that you are starting the right way in terms of form, focus point, and situational awareness. Contact The Basketball Movement here to get started.

Outside shooting is not for everyone, so do not get discouraged if it doesn't work out. There are always other skills that you can work on to make you the best player you can be. You may possess abilities or qualities that other players wish they had, so focus on your strengths and keep grinding.

The Basketball Movement offers basketball-specific workout opportunities

At The Basketball Movement, we couple skill, speed, and agility training with resistance workouts designed specifically with basketball in mind.

Much of the game of basketball is mental, which is a big focus of The Basketball Movement. More apparent though is the need to be strong and conditioned. Basketball can be exhausting when you are playing correctly (as hard as possible). TBM can help players be the best they can be by doing basketball-specific exercises with top-of-the-line equipment.

To be the top basketball training facility in the area, it takes more than the two 94 by 50 foot courts. The walls are lined by free weights, skiers, versaclimbers, concept bikes, sleds, rowers, and other low impact, basketball-specific training equipment.

A couple TVs run basketball and other sport news where players can work out just a few feet from one of the revamped courts. For shooting repetition on your own, there is even a GUN rebounder that players can rent.

The Basketball Movement is dedicated to providing the optimal training equipment that players need to succeed. Couple this with the facility - two courts, film analysis room, and more - and you get a premier basketball environment run by some of the most dedicated coaches around.

For more about what The Movement is as well as info on its founder, Rob Yanders, click here. To contact us about jumping on board,  please click here. The Basketball Movement not only stresses continuous player development, but strives to continue its own development as well. Keep checking back here as we keep ramping up the biggest basketball movement around.