Happy Father's Day from The Basketball Movement!

At the core of The Basketball Movement, family (blood or not) drives everyone to be their best.

Your Father may have put up your first goal, driven you to practice, or even coached you. Today is a great reminder to thank your dad - or whoever filled that role in your life.


In my a sit-down interview with The Movement's Founder, Rob Yanders, I learned that fatherhood played a big role in his business. The desire to be the best for his own son propels Robert and his team of trainers to be the best they can for the boys, girls, men, and women that walk through the doors of The Basketball Movement.

I have a son. I selfishly also want my son to grow up around other leaders and be led in the right direction in this community.
— Rob Yanders

Not everyone has a desirable father-son or father-daughter relationship. For almost everyone though, there are people in their life that have stepped up and been a great example. Today is certainly for those individuals as well.

I (@WilHarrington) am set to become a dad in seven or so weeks. I am excited at the opportunity to draw on the experiences I've had with my Father, who was also my basketball and baseball coach. I intend to also draw on examples set by Robert and other strong father figures I've been able to be around in my life.


The Basketball Movement is a fraternity for basketball lovers and its doors are open to you and yours. Mentorship and excellent role models abound here and we invite you to become a part of it.

Happy Father's Day from The Basketball Movement!