You're not the only one that can ball

You may be good - even very good, but so are other players. Set yourself apart with help from The Basketball Movement.

A lot of players are familiar with being one of the top players on their team - maybe even the conference, division, state, league, what have you. It is a good feeling to be one of the best. You must keep in mind though, there is likely someone better than you.

You are not the only one that can ball. There is someone out there with a prettier jumper, someone who has a better nose for rebounding, someone stronger, or someone faster. No matter how good you may be at basketball, you are likely not the best.

So... what are you going to do about it?

Talent is one thing, but hard work is what really starts to differentiate players and allows them to take their game to the next level.

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.
— Kevin Durant

If you are willing to put in the time and effort to elevate every aspect of your game, you will be on your way to building separation between yourself and the competition. Basketball requires some natural athleticism at the higher levels of the game. Hard work and dedication to your craft is the top tool that can be used to make up for any comparative deficiencies that you my have.

The grind can't stop either. To work to be the best will require passion that allows you to constantly improve and keep learning more about basketball. 

Here comes the tough news. Not only are you not the only one that can ball; you also aren't the only one that can put in hard work. So, what then?

Set yourself apart with The Basketball Movement

You know the old expression "work smarter not harder"? That is partly true; just make sure that while you're working smarter, you are still working insanely hard. That is the specialty of Rob Yanders and The Basketball Movement. Get in, work your butt off to get better, and get out/take care of your body.

The Movement offers plenty for basketball players seeking an edge. The facility has two full-sized courts, basketball-specific workout equipment, and one of the best staffs for coaching and a player-centered development mentality. It even has a chop shop upstairs to get you a fresh cut, a deal with Gatorade so fridges are always packed, and Area 11 where you can finally relax with some NBA 2K, FIFA, and more.

Any player can find a place to get shots up. At TBM, we offer things like film analysis, skill development, team placement, and more all the way up to Euro-prep and NBA prep. You don't need to have professional aspirations though, as boys and girls of almost any age are welcome to take advantage of our curriculum, open-clinics, and coaching staff.

Basketball experience, top-tier facilities, and a hard-nosed continuous improvement mentality is what TBM can offer players looking to separate from the pack. An urban feel, but professional process at The Movement propels its players to the top.

You may not be the only one that can ball, but you can maximize your potential right here at The Basketball Movement to stay ahead of the competition.