The Basketball Movement offers basketball-specific workout opportunities

At The Basketball Movement, we couple skill, speed, and agility training with resistance workouts designed specifically with basketball in mind.

Much of the game of basketball is mental, which is a big focus of The Basketball Movement. More apparent though is the need to be strong and conditioned. Basketball can be exhausting when you are playing correctly (as hard as possible). TBM can help players be the best they can be by doing basketball-specific exercises with top-of-the-line equipment.

To be the top basketball training facility in the area, it takes more than the two 94 by 50 foot courts. The walls are lined by free weights, skiers, versaclimbers, concept bikes, sleds, rowers, and other low impact, basketball-specific training equipment.

A couple TVs run basketball and other sport news where players can work out just a few feet from one of the revamped courts. For shooting repetition on your own, there is even a GUN rebounder that players can rent.

The Basketball Movement is dedicated to providing the optimal training equipment that players need to succeed. Couple this with the facility - two courts, film analysis room, and more - and you get a premier basketball environment run by some of the most dedicated coaches around.

For more about what The Movement is as well as info on its founder, Rob Yanders, click here. To contact us about jumping on board,  please click here. The Basketball Movement not only stresses continuous player development, but strives to continue its own development as well. Keep checking back here as we keep ramping up the biggest basketball movement around.