One-on-One: Isaac Haney

Yanders Law sophomore, Isaac Haney has been doing big things for Dora and is looking like a strong D-1 talent.

Fresh off of a 48 point scoring blitz with nine assists against Lutie (Theodosia, MO) and helping Dora win the Cabool Holiday tournament, Isaac Haney just can’t help but get back in the gym. Luckily for the both of us, that gym is located in the heart of The Basketball Movement.

For a long time, Haney has been putting in crazy work at The Basketball Movement and for Yanders Law teams. His relationship with our coaches has come easily; he has the hard-working, nose to the grindstone mentality that we thrive on.

In only his second year of high school at a smaller school in Dora, Isaac “Ice” Haney has been getting plenty of collegiate attention. He has outstanding offers from Clevelend State and Grambling while receiving interest from Missouri State and Nebraska Omaha.

In speaking with The Basketball Movement, Haney says that he has been focusing on multiple areas of his game. “I’ve been refining all my skills - getting better at finding holes in the defense, improving my mid-range game, and getting more athletic and stronger.” Not only has Isaac added a few inches of height just recently, but his efforts to get stronger are clearly paying off as well.

We asked Isaac if there were any players he is modeling his game after. His initial response was “Steve Nash” because he likes to be in control, distribute, and still get his (though Nash never dropped 48). He did also mention that he has a JJ Redick mentality, highlighting his quick-trigger. The nod to Redick actually makes a lot of sense when watching Haney in action.

Isaac Haney at The Basketball Movement

From the press box at The Basketball Movement, you can take in every bit of action in the facility. Coach Rob was working with Isaac recently (while his media crew filmed with a drone by the way... this place is next-level) and getting up jumpers. Haney’s jumper actually looked like JJ Redick’s shooting form. If you know hoops, you know that spells perfection. His follow through just screams shooter.

Coach Rob gushed about getting to help Haney grow over the years.

This kid is a great player. He has a savage mentality that always makes you feel like he can win you the game. He is making a case to be the best sophomore in Missouri right now.
— Rob Yanders

Normally when you see Rob throw an hour on the clock, you know you are about to see someone get their butt kicked. Watching Haney, you get the sense that he loves the pain. The tired forearms, the mental strain to lock into a Rob workout, and the jelly legs are things that most players dread. Haney knows that means he is improving. That is why he keeps coming back.

The Basketball Movement is easily the best place to come. Rob is one hundred percent the best in the business. In my time here I have improved by leaps and bounds in all ways.
— Isaac Haney

Isaac Haney is not going to stop improving, which means he won’t stop coming to The Basketball Movement. Haney knows where to go for the best of the best. We are simply thrilled to have gotten to know and watch as another young man betters himself everyday.

For more player profiles and inside looks at everything we have going on, make sure you are following The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law across all platforms.

NBA All-Star voting is underway

The first wave of results are back from fan-voting for NBA All-Star starters. Some of the results have been raising questions.

Should fans be the ones that vote for starters in the NBA All-Star game? An argument can certainly be made on both sides. Players get plenty of official accolades for their strong play, such as making All-NBA Teams, All-Defense, MVP, etc.

Do they really need one more official pat on the back, or can fans just select whoever the heck they want? It is just an exhibition game after all. Player pride may be on the line, but fans are the main reason the players have such a lofty platform. As I said, either side can be argued.

The reason it is being argued is below, in the first voting return:

There are many names that everyone expects to see. LeBron and half of the Warriors show up out West, while new kings of the East, Giannis, Embiid, and Kawhi take deserved spots on the other side. Three frontcourt players and two backcourt players start per conference. The issue lies in a few of the would-be starters as of now.

Luka Doncic is the likely rookie of the year, but All-Star starter over Durant, PG-13, or the Brow? The fans are making a questionable pick here.

Nostalgia is one of the true leading vote-getters this year. Derrick Rose, though he is having a nice bounce-back season, would currently be a starter over Harden and Westbrook. C’mon now. Out East, Dwyane Wade is in his final season. That makes this pick a bit more understandable, but it would still be a bit of a shame if the deserving Kemba Walker didn’t get that spot. Even Vince Carter makes an appearance in the top 10.

Again, this is an exhibition game that is clearly meant for fan service. To the players and top-talent purists, there may be a few too many old guys (and Lakers/Warriors) on this list. Either way, it will be a blast as it always is. If you don’t like the current standings go vote for your guys!

Follow us on Twitter @BBall_Movement and let us know who you would like to see on All-Star Weekend this February!

Coach Sly Yanders becomes The Basketball Movement Project Manager

2019 is going to be a big year for The Basketball Movement. One important step is promoting Sly Yanders to Project Manager.

Anyone that has stepped foot through the doors of The Basketball Movement has likely seen Sly Yanders hard at work. Founder Rob Yanders’ brother, Sly has been there every step of the way as The Basketball Movement has grown from a couple of empty gyms into the premier basketball training facility in this part of the country.

One of the greatest gifts you can give is time. Sly has dedicated massive amounts of time to our organization. From painting, scrubbing the floor, and other behind-the-scenes work to coaching and training every day, Sly Yanders’ commitment to The Basketball Movement cannot be overstated. Rob says that being there through the lows has helped Sly to learn so much along his path, which has fully prepared him for his new role as Project Manager.

Time alone is not the reason that Sly is coming into this new role with the business. He is the ultimate candidate for a role in which he occasionally needs to reign in or help direct his brother, Rob.

I’m not sure anyone knows me quite like Sly. Him being a part of my business has been a gift and a curse, because things can occasionally get personal when trying to balance business and blood. We are in a great place right now, and the time is right to give him this title.
— Rob Yanders

The key to managing a family relationship in business is to allow it to bend, but not break. Despite adversity, Rob and Sly have remained allies at all times.

“I’m not going to be able to roll with every one of his ideas just because we are brothers” Rob said. “That said, no one knows my vision and what I want for The Basketball Movement like Sly does.” Sly has already been unofficially helping to manage Rob and his operations for a long time. The trust and track record of demonstrated excellence makes the timing of this move perfect.

Sly will take some things of off Rob’s plate by handling many of the day-to-day operations of The Basketball Movement. He will continue to operate as part of Rob’s braintrust, providing ideas and challenging the status quo. Naturally as Project Manager, he will play a major role in all events conducted by The Basketball Movement.

When asked about why he has chosen to dedicate everything to The Basketball Movement, Sly focused on two things: Brotherhood and faith.

“There is no one I would rather have spent all of this time with” Sly said. “Getting to work alongside my brother while we help kids and use what we love to build a better world for future generations… that is why I do it.”

Brother or not, Sly says that it is easy to follow a leader like Rob Yanders.

I have faith in Rob and the direction he is taking his business. It is easy to believe in The Basketball Movement and where it is going because I have already seen where it has been and where it is now. Watching Rob over the years, has given me plenty of proof that he will do everything he sets out to do.
— Sly Yanders

Sly is a man of faith and was quick to point out that men were not intended to be alone. A partnership is strongest when both parties completely believe in the relationship. Sly is honored to have the opportunity to grow in his brother’s business. The business is likewise very fortunate to have a Project Manager like Sly Yanders.

In his time working with his brother, Sly says that he has learned a lot from Rob’s commitment, dedication, grit, and desire to serve others. These infectious traits are helping to form a team that is one of the best in the business on and off the court. The Basketball Movement’s new Project Manager embodies all of these things as well. Congratulations, Sly!

The Basketball Movement's first partnership - Craig Smith

The Basketball Movement is adding even more strength, this time through its partnership with the one-and-only Craig Smith.

Sharing is not always easy. It is a lesson that we have all struggled with at times. It is a lesson that The Basketball Movement’s Founder, Rob Yanders is teaching at home and in the gym. It is also something that he is learning to do himself with a business he started and built into a success.

Letting someone in on an organization you started solo is more than a business decision. To Rob, The Basketball Movement is his baby - not on the level of his actual family of course, but something that he has dedicated blood, sweat, tears, and countless hours to build. That tells you how he must feel about his new partner, Craig Smith.

Yanders has said that The Basketball Movement is a character-based organization. Coach Craig and his family have made it abundantly evident to Rob over the years that they hold the same values not only in basketball, but in life. Rob described Craig as a family man that is all about sacrificing for others. You can tell a lot by how a man treats his family, which greatly helped Rob in this decision.


Rob and Craig established a friendship around seven years ago. From coaching against each other to just talking basketball, it was quickly evident that they had a shared passion for the game. Rob invited Craig to his facility to just watch his players and soak in his brand of basketball. Coach Craig recalls feeling very at home in The Basketball Movement environment. “We had a similar vision - I knew it would be easy to grow together”, Smith recalled.

In talking to Craig Smith, he gave two strong reasons that he decided to become involved with The Basketball Movement:

Number one: I’ve always felt a need to help kids feel welcome and have the ability to pursue their goals. I love the game and like when it is played the right way; there is no better place for that than The Basketball Movement.

Number two: I grew up in a house that was completely open to the community. I desire to be in a position to spread love to others in the same way.
— Craig Smith

For Craig, this partnership is a dream come true, as he says he was destined to coach and be around basketball in any way possible. He recalled being five years old, watching teams play at the local high school. His Dad would play “What are they running?” with him, so he has been dissecting offenses nearly his whole life.

After playing in high school, Craig was more academically driven in college, though he never left the sport of basketball. He recalls working camps like crazy and getting close to and picking the brain of every basketball mind he could (a list including names like Norm Stewart and John Calipari).

His desire to surround himself with great basketball minds and dive completely into the sport is what makes a pairing with Rob Yanders perfect.

This partnership has been a while in the making. Rob says that they have really been testing the waters over the last year with Craig coaching Yanders Law teams, facilitating workouts, and much more. “For 365 days straight, Coach’s passion and commitment to the game has been clear. He brings a lot to the game on and off the court. Craig is all-in, so I am too”, said Rob.

Craig Smith is a fantastic coach, mentor, family man, and friend (he is also a pretty good follow on Twitter @CoachCraigYL). Rob is confident that he will make for a top-notch partner as well. Bringing in such a wealth of basketball knowledge into an already thriving business is a recipe for success.

Congratulations to Craig Smith on becoming a partner with The Basketball Movement. Congrats also to Rob and his business for landing a great man and basketball guru. Keep an eye out for even more good things to come from The Basketball Movement, which is stronger than ever.

Blue and Gold / Pink and White tourneys underway

A holiday week tradition in the Ozarks, the high school boys Blue and Gold and girls Pink and White tournaments have begun.

A lot of us are still trying to figure out how to work off the Christmas ham, cookies, or whatever other holiday goodness that has just been consumed. For many of the Ozark’s young men and women though, it is time to get back to basketball.

Today marks the first day of the annual Blue and Gold and Pink and White tournaments. Missouri State University hosts this great event year after year. It has become a great post-Christmas tradition in our area. The tournaments feature many teams from Springfield, MO and the surrounding area. Games will be played at either the Hammons Student Center or JQH Arena.

Below are the brackets:


And on the lady’s side of things:


NBA gameday this Christmas

As always, the NBA has saved some juicy matchups to help fill in the biggest holiday in the U.S.A.

The NFL has had a part of Thanksgiving traditions for many years. More and more, the NBA is sneaking into Christmas traditions across the country. With five games broadcast one at a time, there will be great basketball on all day long.

Naturally, the holiday is best spent with friends and family. If you just need something on in the background though, look no farther. The 10 teams playing will all have unique Christmas jerseys and the broadcast will certainly have Christmas aspects all over.

Here is a little rundown of the games so you can decide which you would like to have in the background and which ones get your full attention. Game times shown in Central Time.

Bucks @ Knicks - 11:00am ESPN

Let’s be real; The New York Knicks are on because they are one of the biggest markets. They aren’t doing very well, but it is always interesting to catch up with a team that doesn’t get as much national coverage. On the other hand, Milwaukee is a team that is 100 percent worth your attention. Led by MVP candidate, Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks are number one in the NBA in points per game.

Thunder @ Rockets - 2:00pm ABC

Two more perennial MVP candidates and former teammates, Russell Westbrook vs. James Harden is always going to make for good TV. OKC’s Paul George has also inserted himself in MVP discussions for one of the Western Conference’s top teams. After a disappointing start, Houston is back on the rise as well.

76ers @ Celtics - 4:30pm ABC

Despite both having ups and downs thus far in the season, these are still two of the most entertaining teams in the NBA. The young core of Philadelphia with the addition of Jimmy Butler looks as talented and potent as ever. For Boston, Kyrie Irving is rolling after a sluggish start to the year. The health of Irving, Gordon Hayward, and Al Horford may be what makes or breaks this team.

Lakers @ Warriors - 7:00pm ABC/ESPN

LeBron James fan? Actual Lakers fan? Steph Curry fan? Fan of super teams that lazy, sensitive players flee to for rings? This matchup is a fan-pleaser for sure. (Oh, and anti-Durant views are solely those of Blogger @WilHarrington and not The Basketball Movement).

Jokes aside, this will be an entertaining game featuring some of the best basketball players on the planet. Los Angeles is rounding into a solid playoff team, while Golden State is essentially winning games by just messing around while they wait for the playoffs.

Trailblazers @ Jazz - 9:30pm ESPN

The night game features less star-power than most of the above matchups, but will still be worth turning on as you slip into your food coma. Portland’s Damian Lillard is one of the top competitors to watch in the league while Utah bring scrappy defense and underrated players on their end. Casual fans may recognize Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, but do yourself a favor and get familiar with my man, Joe Ingles this Christmas.

That will do it for a very NBA Christmas! Keep your priorities straight concerning your time this holiday, but feel free to treat yourself to some top-quality basketball when you can. Have a very Merry Christmas from your friends at The Basketball Movement!

Community - The Basketball Movement

Following the conclusion of the Angels of the Hardwood event, we examine the importance of community.

Community may have different meanings depending on who you ask. Communities can be big or small. They can consist of families, neighbors, peers, cities, or regions. Whatever you consider to be your community, understand that you and everyone else in it has a responsibility to make it better.

Not everyone will contribute in strengthening a community; not everyone can. That is why it is imperative that individuals such as yourself step up to the plate. Take pride in where you are from.

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Angels of the Hardwood 🙏🙏🏀🏀

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Any community that you have been a part of has helped to shape you into the person you are today. However, you aren’t the only one. Other individuals in your community have also been shaped by some common factors. Most importantly, others such as children are still being shaped while growing in those communities.

Widespread aid - helping on a large scale is fantastic, but not always easy. Giving back to the communities that helped shape you is an excellent way to make an immediate impact. The more you care about the people and places you are giving back to, the greater impact you will likely have.

At the Angels of the Hardwood event, The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law gave back to the local community in the form of Nike Elite basketballs, Nike shoes, free lessons, motivation, and camaraderie. We were able to turn something we are passionate about into a positive for our community and the results were amazing.

You are likely big into basketball yourself, but there are so many other ways to give back. If your talents are in music, use that to lift spirits at a local veteran’s home. If you are great with kids, get involved with after school programs. Not sure what to do? Find a great organization such as Convoy of Hope - they can always use help packing food and hygiene kits that help families all over.

However you do it, keep your community’s needs in your thoughts and allow those thoughts to become action whenever possible.

Check out more on Angels of the Hardwood here and keep following along as we use basketball to unite people and bring about positive change.

High school girl slams it home - Fran Belibi

An exciting new high school dunker is breaking onto the scene - and her name is Fran.

This is not the first time a high school girl has dunked a basketball. However, Fran Belibi of Regis Jesuit High School, CO is making it look good at just 6’1”. Her first in-game dunk was at age 15. Now, her smooth moves have the senior going viral.

Here is the slam heard ‘round social media:

No question, her height and confidence make this dunk really pop. She has a great wingspan for her stature, but her bounce really shows how women’s basketball is growing. Hooping isn’t all about flash and otherworldly athleticism, but some extra juice certainly won’t hurt the sport.

Fran is committed to Stanford, where she will follow in her parent’s footsteps to become a doctor. She has a 35 ACT score, which is as close to perfection as possible. According to spots reporter Lindsay Joy, she has only been playing basketball since her freshman year.

As a Doctoral prospect, she has a bright future. However, it is looking like she will be able to ride her basketball career about as far as she wants.

We will continue to watch Belibi’s career with great interest, but that isn’t all. Girl’s basketball has always been flooded with incredible talent, but they are still finding ways to take things to the next level.

Fran Belibi is just one shining example of basketball movement in the world of women’s sports. For more on all things basketball, keep hunting around our blog as we track the movement.

The Basketball Movement - New basketball equipment

Rob Yanders and The Basketball Movement deliver on more promises as they optimize the workout space in the north gym.

Stepping foot into The Basketball Movement facility, attention is instantly drawn to the vibrant red, white and, blue of the new court floors. Beyond that, the scent of hardwood, sound of balls bouncing, and chatter of basketball minds at work flood the senses.

It is easy to get caught up in this basketball wonderland, but on the other side of the floor, you will also notice where much of the trench-work goes on.

The devices lining the northernmost wall of the facility allows our athletes to work out in a professional atmosphere using basketball-centric equipment. The machines are all low-impact, ideal for basketball workouts. There are TVs with sports running all the time, free weights, balls and cones, and more.

Founder Rob Yanders broke down some of what The Movement is offering in his post below:

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Check it out!! The Basketball Movement!!

A post shared by The Basketball movement (@thebasketballmovement) on

As Rob mentions, the equipment at this facility mirrors that of professional facilities from coast-to-coast. LeBron James’ workouts always seem to include images of him on his Versaclimber, using medicine balls, or putting in work on a bike. This seems like a good time for a cheesy, but accurate call to action…

Work out like a pro at The Basketball Movement.

This isn’t lip-service. The Basketball Movement is genuinely in the business of creating a professional level training facility in the heart of the country that is accessible to all.

Whether you are looking to prepare for Jr. High basketball tryouts or gearing up to play professional basketball, you can guarantee that The Basketball Movement has something for everyone.

The Movement has much more to offer, so keep clicking around here to check it out. Follow us on Instagram for more clips like those above, including Rob taking you on a tour around the facility’s film room, barber shop, and more.

Playing time - A basketball balancing act

Year after year, playing time is one of the top issues on the minds of players (and their families).

Whether it is justified or not, many players find themselves not getting the time on the court they desire. There are situations in which it comes down to coach oversights, preferences, or bias. Almost always though, a player can increase their playing time by stepping up their game.

I don’t complain about playing time. My job is to play so well the coach can’t sit me.
— Shane Battier

All of the practice and effort that goes into basketball comes together in games, so that is why it can be so frustrating to not get many minutes - if any at all. No-matter the reason for limited minutes, the frustration is understandable.

That being said, many of your minutes are truly up to you. A coach controls substitutions, but you control your abilities. In a game situation, a coach’s mind is going 100 miles per hour. Many of their decisions are based on split-second instinct. They go to players and schemes that they are comfortable with and make sense in specific situations.

During your time on the court, time in practice, and even time off the court, present your best self to your coach. Get noticed by your play and demeanor - this will place you more prominently in your coach’s mind. Naturally, this will pay off when those split-second decisions happen in games.

The best thing you can do to increase playing time is simple - step up your game. Just practicing with your team is not going to separate you from the pack. The most improvement often happens in the offseason.

Not only getting up shots, but going through basketball specific workouts like those offered by The Basketball Movement are the kind of thing that separates a team’s best players from the rest.

It can be tough to dig yourself out of the hole that is the bench, so it will take patience and determination. Overcoming adversity is something else that helps to separate the strongest from the pack, however. It is a challenge worth taking on if you are serious about getting more minutes.

Parents - It can be tough to accept sometimes, but this isn’t your battle. Coaching decisions are not yours to make and you must understand that you have blind spots when it comes to your own boys and girls. If coaching actions seem abusive in any way, it is of course time to step up. With issues such as playing time however, just support your children and be willing to help them in any way possible.

As mentioned, The Basketball Movement is a tremendous resource in the Midwest for scenarios just like these. If a player is serious about improving in a hurry, The Basketball Movement is the perfect place to start at any level of the game.

Remember you can contact us anytime here!

NBA standings - Wild, wild west

The Standings in the NBA are very interesting, with much more parity than expected with the Golden State Warriors still intact.

A few teams are finally beginning to separate themselves, but the last few weeks in the NBA have provided some surprising positions in the standings. The Western Conference is unusually tight from the top almost all the way to the bottom. The East is where we are finally seeing parity.

Out in New York, the Knicks and Nets both got off to hotter-than-expected starts, but have slowed back down. Brooklyn’s decline may have something to do with the injury to potential Most Improved Player candidate, Caris LaVert. Charlotte has also slowed down, but still remains in the hunt.

The Orlando Magic are a surprise this season at 12-13, though their roster remains very similar to the one that had them near the bottom of the conference a year ago. Detroit is another surprise. The Pistons have dropped their last two, but are still 13-9, currently good for fourth.

The Boston Celtics have been the biggest disappointment after being picked by many to take the conference championship. However, they have now won their last three and may be ready for a push.

The Raptors sit on top and look like the best team in the NBA right now. Giannis Antetokounmpo has finally transformed his Milwaukee Bucks into a contender as well.

Below are the full Eastern Conference standings pulled directly from ESPN:


Western Conference

The 2018-19 NBA season may be just a little over one fourth of the way done, but the standings in the West are still wild. Only 6.5 games separate the 15th placed San Antonio Spurs from the number one seed Denver Nuggets. The Phoenix Suns at 4-20 are the only team looking too far gone.

Denver was expected to be good, but not necessarily lead the West. They are well-rounded and have been getting a nice boost from our ally Monte Morris. Another surprise near the top is the LA Clippers, who are looking pretty smart after blowing up their core last season.

The Warriors are still great and likely know it isn’t necessary to bring it every night - especially with DeMarcus Cousins nearing a return as early as Christmas. The Thunder have the best chemistry they’ve seen in years, Memphis is healthy and tough, and the LeBron-led Lakers are rolling.

The Houston Rockets may be the strangest team in the league. Trading away two of their top defenders hurt them more than they thought it would and they are near the bottom of the standings. So many teams are hovering around down there though, that it is still anyone’s game.

These West teams are just so close. Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, or Karl-Anthony Towns could power their teams up the standings at any moment. Or the defense of the Jazz. Or leading Rookie of the Year candidate, Luka Doncic of the Mavs. And wait… Sacramento is in there too? See? Wild.

Here are the full standings, also pulled directly from ESPN:


The is a lot of basketball movement left in the 2018-19 NBA season, so you are of course in the right place!

Updated NCAA basketball power rankings

As things are beginning to take shape in the college basketball landscape, ESPN has released updated power rankings. Any surprises?

ESPN provides one of the most comprehensive power ranking systems available. It does typically favor “power conferences”, but with smaller schools making noise year after year, these types of rankings are slowly becoming more inclusive.

Kansas, Gonzaga, and Duke are all right around where they were expected to be at this stage in the NCAA basketball season. Duke’s freshman are looking more polished than many expected however.

The other top-four team that many expected to see for the year is Kentucky, who is listed on ESPN’s list at number nine. A lack of perimeter defense has proved to be a vulnerable point for the Wildcats, though they currently only have one loss.

After a strong start to the year, Michigan is more than deserving of the number four spot.

The full list from ESPN is shown below:

  1. Kansas

  2. Gonzaga

  3. Duke

  4. Michigan

  5. Nevada

  6. Virginia

  7. Auburn

  8. Tennessee

  9. Kentucky

  10. Texas Tech

  11. Wisconsin

  12. Virginia Tech

  13. Florida State

  14. North Carolina

  15. Michigan State

  16. Arizona State

Reigning NCAA basketball champions, Villanova is absent from the top 16 at this point. The Wildcats dropped a pair of games early; One to Michigan and another to Furman (South Carolina). They do appear to be back on track somewhat.

NCAA Women’s rankings

At the top: Guess who? The rankings on the lady’s side of things may be even more predictable than the men’s at this point in the year.

If you follow women’s college hoops or even just watched the bracket unfold during March Madness this past season, you will recognize most of the teams toward the top this list as perennial basketball powers.

Full list per ESPN:

  1. UCONN

  2. Notre Dame

  3. Oregon

  4. Baylor

  5. Louisville

  6. Mississippi State

  7. Maryland

  8. Oregon State

  9. Tennessee

  10. NC State

  11. Stanford

  12. Texas

  13. California

  14. Minnesota

  15. Syracuse

  16. Iowa

Will we ever see one of these power rankings that does not have UCONN at the top? Well, yes, eventually. Probably.

In the meantime though, UCONN continues to draw top talent with it’s stellar program and reputation. Notre Dame appeared to threaten for the top spot, but lost to the Huskies in a head-to-head matchup. Tough to argue with results.

For more NCAA, NBA, prep hoops, and everything else, keep scrolling here or follow @BBall_Movement on Twitter to get all the updates.

Big season coming for Anton Brookshire

Expectations are high for Kickapoo High’s Anton Brookshire, but the hype is well-founded.

The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law are both thrilled to have had the opportunity to grow alongside budding star, Anton Brookshire. Anton embodies everything that The Basketball Movement is all about. His character, focus, and of course basketball skills add up to one of the most impressive prep athletes that has walked through our doors.

Kickapoo’s season begins today with the Parkview Tournament. Talking with Brookshire, he is ready to get the season started and thinks the team is looking good. Kickapoo High School Basketball is in good hands; Anton says he is 100% to start the season.

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@antonbrookshire2 👀 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Anton says that the Kickapoo team is looking good and should have a great season if they continue to play together. A district title is the current goal, but the potential for a push after is driving the team as well.

Personally, his goals center around being a leader on the floor for his team and just being the best he can be. He admitted that making the all-district team wouldn’t be so bad either.

Scoring helps a lot in getting recognized at the district level and beyond. Anton is a proven scorer, but is also more than capable of distributing once defenses collapse on him. Sounds a lot like a few of the players he loves to watch - Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker. Brookshire is going to be a fun player to watch this year.

Anton Brookshire at The Basketball Movement

A staple of The Basketball Movement, Brookshire is a gym rat that is always looking to improve his game. He says that he has been working on a bit of everything to take his game to the next level with an emphasis on finishing at the basket, defense, and getting stronger.

As the nephew of The Basketball Movement’s Founder Rob Yanders, Anton has been around to see all of the changes The Movement has undergone over the years.

It’s a great facility; I love the gym. It’s crazy how much he has put into it, but also how much is still coming.
— Anton Brookshire on The Basketball Movement

He of course had great things to say about Yanders, who he believes is the best trainer in the world. “He’s just a good guy to be around - a great motivator.” The respect goes both ways, as it isn’t difficult to get Rob to gush about Anton.

You don’t have to be related to Anton Brookshire to have a reason to marvel at his game. Even though he is coming off a season in which he missed several games and is just beginning his Junior year, he has offers on the table from Missouri State, UWM, UNLV, and Tennessee State. He has also received interest from OSU, Tulsa, Creighton, and Missouri.

He tells us that he is not leaning towards a particular school just yet, but may before his senior year.

Whatever the future hold for Anton, it is bright. He has a full endorsement from The Basketball Movement as one of the most impressive prospects we’ve had at the high school level. Good luck to he and his team this year as they start what should be a fun ride!

What to make of Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony quickly went from star, to role player, to… well, what is going on with Melo now?

There has been an abundance of interesting storylines already in this young NBA season. From Jimmy Butler drama, LeBron leaving Cleveland again, and the Kawhi Leonard/DeMar DeRozan trade all the way down to Joel Embiid’s Twitter game, there has been no shortage of entertainment from the world’s best basketball league.

Now, we have an interesting Carmelo Anthony situation. After breaking off his relationship with the New York Knicks, Anthony spent last season with the OKC Thunder. He refused a bench role, though that is what seemed like the best solution with Paul George and Russell Westbrook in the starting lineup. No one doubted Anthony’s potential when it came to instant offense off the bench.

The fit clearly wasn’t there, so he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks, was waived, and signed with the Houston Rockets ahead of the current NBA season. Suddenly he was ready to accept a bench role. The Rockets had to move some players to make room for him - those players wound up being defensive stoppers, Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah a Moute.

Only 10 games into the season, Anthony was averaging 13 and 5 off the bench, shooting 40 percent from the field. The Rockets are off to a more sluggish start than anticipated and their decision for shaking things up is to part ways with Carmelo Anthony.

What is next for Anthony?

The future is certainly hazy for the aging star. He has technically not been waived yet by the Houston Rockets, which is a bit mysterious in and of itself. After two discouraging stops since leaving New York, most teams may have a hard time envisioning a fit for the former All-Star on their roster.

Has his game not aged well? His mentality? His refusal to come off of the bench in Oklahoma City may suggest the latter. Aging gracefully in this game is not always as easy as players like Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter, and Dwyane Wade are making it look. Accepting limitations is an important part of being a veteran of the league.

His game - the guy can still shoot. The percentages are not always there, but he is still a capable iso scorer. That just isn’t a desired skillset when it is attached to a player that has lost a step. Especially during a period in which many teams are building young cores while the Warriors run wild.

His defense has never been good, and is likely worse now.

One option for Carmelo is to go the way of Stephon Marbury. Carmelo could make a whole lot of money being the best player in China.

Whatever happens, we will still be paying close attention, as Melo is likely a Hall of Famer after a long career of unstoppable scoring. Keep checking back with The Basketball Movement for more on this and all other things basketball.

Chase Adams - Lightning quick prospect

Prep star, Chase Adams is “betting on himself” after announcing de-commitment from Towson University. We believe it is a good bet.

Even for non-athletes, selecting a college or university can be a daunting task. For athletes like Chicago’s Chase Adams, choosing where you will go to school and put in hours, days, and weeks on the court is not one to be taken lightly. Adams knows this and is making sure that he is in charge of his down destiny.

After previously verbally committing to Towson University, Link Year Prep’s star point guard has opted to throw his name back out into the recruitment ring.

The Basketball Movement is a perfect platform for confident players like Chase as we work together to help him in the recruiting process. Of course we are here to also help improve his on-court skills along the way.

Time with The Basketball Movement

Adams told us it was his Link Year Prep Head Coach Adam Donyes that referred him to Coach Robert Yanders and The Basketball Movement. He says that there was an “instant connection” with Yanders.

I feel like he took me under his wing right away. At The Basketball Movement, I’ve learned to bet on myself and believe in myself when no one else does. No one can tell me what I can’t do.
— Chase Adams on Rob and The Movement

Coach Yanders has had success working with players of all sizes at every position. There is something special about his connection with quick guards that may be considered under-sized. Rob was able to make a career out of his quickness, tenacity, and skill - something that makes him very relatable for players like Chase Adams.

When asked how he stands out on the court with his unassuming stature, Chase said “By being a dog on the court”. He says he makes his teammates better, but can still score when the opportunity arises, which he displayed several weeks ago at The Basketball Movement Invitational Camp, where he was First-Team in our “NBA Division”.

His ability to lead, be a pest on defense, and speed up the offense is what will get him plenty of attention on the collegiate scene. He says that he is currently focusing on his defense and being a knock-down shooter in preparation for college ball.

Adams is taking his talents to the next level

The floor general says that his current focus is on where he is right now. He is in the gym everyday while helping his Link Year Prep team. They have some big games and tournaments coming up, so his immediate goals are to kill the tournaments and let the rest fall into place.

As mentioned earlier, Adams had previously committed verbally to Towson University. He told The Basketball Movement that he made his decision too quickly, before really giving himself a chance to grow and showcase himself every step of the way. He has an obvious appreciation for the Towson program, but he certainly owes it to himself to take his time in this decision.

I’m going to keep improving and play even better than I had been. I am excited to see which schools come into play now as I improve.
— Chase Adams

Anyone that has seen Adams in person or on video can attest to what he can do. His quickness, distribution skills, and surprising scoring punch will get him plenty of Division I attention. The Basketball Movement is excited to have had the opportunity to work with Chase and root him on as his career progresses. The program that lands him will be very lucky.

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Dunking - Too flashy? Energizing? Worth it?

NBA players dunk all the time, college players dunk a lot, and high schoolers dunk occasionally. Is it worth it at every level?

Dunking has long been one of the most interesting aspects of basketball. Not everyone can fully appreciate the execution of a perfectly set screen, but even a non-basketball fan recognizes the spectacle of a player rising above all others to punch the ball through the opponent’s goal.

To be able to slam a basketball through a ten-foot-tall goal that is guarded by five opposing players is one of the most enviable feats in sports. It takes athleticism, timing, and yes - height helps too. So if you can dunk, should you?

The general reasons for dunking are similar across the board, but can vary slightly from level to level. NBA players typically dunk because not only is it relatively easy for most of them, it is the highest percentage shot they can take. When you are taking the ball to the hole with seven-footers looming, you need to make sure you are putting it through with authority.

NCAA hoops bridge the gap somewhat here, but in most other levels of the game, dunking isn’t always necessary. A fundamental, energy-saving layup will do fine in most circumstances. However, there are other benefits of a dunk that we haven’t discussed.

Pumping up your team and your crowd

As I mentioned, there is something unique and mesmerizing about a player rising up and hammering down a dunk. Instead of gently placing the ball in your opponent’s goal, you are slamming it in a display of dominance. It is a way of showing your opponents that they were soundly defeated on the particular possession.

(Talking about dunking make you want to watch some dunks? Good, me too. Here is a video of one of my personal favorite dunkers - fresh knees Blake Griffin)

Such an act gets your adrenaline flowing as well as your teammates and your fans. The more into the game the fans are, the more they will go wild and do their best to cheer you on. From routine slams to 360 windmills, everyone loves a good dunk.

Just make sure you’re ready

As much as you and everyone else can get out of a made dunk, it can also have the opposite effect to miss one. Missing a dunk is like fumbling on the goal line. It’s like doing your homework and forgetting to turn it in. It’s like saving the best looking piece of bacon for last and then being too full to eat it. Okay, that one’s a stretch. There is always room for bacon.

Anyway - Only attempt a dunk if you are sure you can finish. Coaches are not happy by blown possessions, which is exactly what you will have on your hands if you get all the way to the basket and don’t finish. I have heard of high school coaches that forbid their players from dunking. That is a tad extreme if you have confident dunkers in your lineup, though you can see where a high school coach may have been negatively impacted by missed dunks in the past.

If you are just coming around as a dunker, just keep working. Adrenaline may help, but don’t do your early dunk attempts in-game. Make sure that you can routinely put them down uncontested before you even think about trying one during live action.

Missed dunks can be a bit embarrassing, so like anything else in basketball, constantly hone this skill. Get comfortable dunking from straight on, the baseline, and wings. Once you can do one-hand slams, move to two-hand so that you can get those high percentage looks that make dunking so important.

To get in a gym and work on not only your skills, but your conditioning and physical ability as well, reach out to us at The Basketball Movement. We can help you get the most out of your abilities on your journey to the top.

NCAA basketball - Duke looks like the real deal

The NCAA basketball season has barely begun, but one team is already grabbing all the headlines.

I had every intention of writing a Duke basketball hype post on this website before the season began. I promise I did. I was going to talk about how their raw talent could take them all the way and prevail over their inexperience and suspect outside shooting. I ran out of time though, and the hype train is long gone, already packed with bandwagon passengers.

The season is still fresh, but Duke’s first game alone grabbed everyone’s attention as they walked all over Kentucky. Maybe I wasn’t the only one that saw all of this coming, but we should still all be sure to take time to bask in the brilliance of this ball team.

Somewhere (likely near a basketball court in North Carolina), Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski has to realize what he and his staff managed to pull off this summer. Even for one of the nation’s premier collegiate programs, this had to be their top recruiting offseason. Honestly it may be the best recruiting job in the history of the NCAA.

Too soon? Perhaps. It is also too soon to rule out that possibility though, so cut me some slack.

Duke’s core is solidly founded in their three freshman stars. They were some of the top high school recruits in the nation and we are all witnessing why that was.

Zion Williamson is a freak. That is meant in the most complimentary way possible. It is one thing to be 6’7” with around a 40 inch vertical, but the teenager is also 285 pounds. Eventually he may need to shed a bit of that weight as he eyes the pro circuit, but right now it only magnifies the thunderous dunks and lane creation that make him one of the most unstoppable forces in college hoops.

Canadian-born RJ Barrett is also 6’7”, but at 202 pounds, he is a much more perimeter-oriented player. Where Williamson exudes raw power, Barrett has a cool presence that makes him the most polished starter for the Blue Devils at only 18 years old.

Somehow underappreciated, Cameron Reddish rounds out the freshman big three. Cam was one of the top high school prospects in the country and he is showing everyone why. At 6’8” he can shoot over defenses - and does. The sniper can score from anywhere on the floor and already looks like an NBA player.

We will be watching right along with everyone else to see if the success is a flash in the pan for Duke. After tracking the careers of its stars though, all signs point to their continued ascension.

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Jimmy Butler is set to debut in Philadelphia

Jimmy Butler finally got his wish granted - He has been traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves and is back in the Eastern Conference.

The Philadelphia 76ers play the Orlando Magic tonight (only available on League Pass) and it sounds like Jimmy Butler will start for the Sixers. Butler was traded by the T-Wolves along with Justin Patton to Philadelphia in exchange for Dario Saric, Robert Covington, Jarryd Bayless, and a 2022 second-round draft pick.

The Jimmy Butler drama has carried over from a long Summer into an uncomfortable start to the season for the Timberwolves. The drama translated into a poor record to start, underwhelming performances by the Wolves’ young stars, and tensions reaching new heights.

The inevitable trade happened on 11/10/18, effectively jettisoning Butler from the team. All things considered, it wasn’t a bad haul for the Wolves since Butler was a lock to leave one way or another.

Dario Saric will bring a nice facet to Tom Thibodeau’s squad in the form of a stretch four that can stay out of Karl-Anthony Towns’ way, but still be a scoring threat. Robert Covington brings needed perimeter shooting as well and Jaryd Bayless is a solid veteran presence to backup oft-injured point guard, Derrick Rose.

Philadelphia’s new star

Butler is the kind of player that can realistically fit with any team on the court. He has good size and strength, but maintains the quickness necessary to lock down opposing perimeter players. He is an improved outside shooter and a fantastic slasher. However, he is leaving a team with young players with unique personalities to go to… a team with young players with unique personalities.

The 76ers go-to scorer, rebounder, and rim-protector is Joel Embiid. “The Process” as he is nicknamed is a 7 footer that can hit the three and handle the rock in a pinch. Aside from being an MVP candidate, he is actually known just as much for his tweeting and say-anything demeanor.

Philly’s other star is Ben Simmons, a 6’10” point guard with incredible talent that refuses to shoot jumpers. There is also Markelle Fultz, another huge talent and former first overall pick that is so down in the confidence department, that he may struggle to ever reach his potential.

Enter Butler, who is a fiery competitor that was fed up with his nonchalant young teammates in Minny. Despite the quirks of his new teammates, he must see more of a desire to win here.

After giving up substantial outside shooting, Philadelphia will have to adjust on the fly as they are clearly in “win now” mode. Will Fultz get with the program or be the next piece to be moved?

One way or another - this is going to be interesting. The Sixers were already one of the most fun teams to watch and that is not set to change. Stay tuned to the Movement! 

The first annual Basketball Movement Jamboree

This weekend saw the first annual Basketball Movement Jamboree for 5th and 6th grade boys.

The first annual Basketball Movement Jamboree was a success, with multiple teams coming together to play each other in a mini-tournament. Practice and drills are important, but nothing aids game preparation quite like… well, playing games.

The Basketball Movement was happy to be able to host and showcase our facilities.

Four of the Yanders Law teams were in attendance - Yanders Law Arkansas and Tulsa were not able to attend this time. There were several other teams as well that came to ball out. It was an excellent opportunity to bring coaches and teams together to have a meeting of basketball minds in addition to getting to just play basketball.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of the teams that came out to make the jamboree a success. The Basketball Movement is a hub for all ages of boys and girls to step up their game and this weekend’s success was another great example.

As I write this from the press box at The Basketball Movement, Yanders Law players are practicing in the gyms below. It is a great reminder of what The Basketball Movement facility and Yanders Law program offer these players.

Coach Craig already has the guys working up a sweat - pushing the importance of doing your job, carrying your weight, and trusting your teammates to do the same. Having trust in your teammates can be freeing, even if you are focused on doing your job. Trusting your teammates makes for more confident passing, better help defense, and group muscle memory.

In the other gym, Coach Sly is making sure that the players start strong and finish strong in everything they do. Taking your foot off the gas opens opportunities for opponents to get a leg-up when they shouldn’t. Finishing strong in your drills will help you finish your games strong too.

The scene here at The Movement changes a bit day-to-day, but the message and mission are always the same. Players come here to get better at basketball and the result is more skilled players, strengthened friendships, and better people.

We are proud of what we do and will definitely do more jamborees in the future after the success of the weekend.

Keep your eyes out for more collaborations with Yanders Law, Jamborees, and other events from The Basketball Movement!

Angels of the Hardwood - Yanders Law, The Basketball Movement, and Jones Family YMCA

Yanders Law, The Basketball Movement, and the Jones Family YMCA are teaming up to bring Angels of the Hardwood to the local community.

This year will mark the first annual Angels of the Hardwood event put on by Yanders Law and its players. Yanders Law will be partnering with The Basketball Movement and its coaches to utilize the facilities and resources that The Basketball Movement can provide. The goal of this absolutely free event is to make a difference in the lives of children and let them know that people care.

During the Angels of the Hardwood event, 100 pairs of Nike shoes will be given to those in need as well as Nike shirts, basketballs, and more. The event will take place at the Jones Family YMCA on December 16th from 1:00 to 3:00pm. Angels of the Hardwood is an idea by Rob Yanders, born out of a desire to give back to the community using the platform of basketball.

“A night of basketball” will be taking place at the Jones Family YMCA in conjunction with the Angels of the Hardwood event. This evening will bring everything back to basketball, giving the players the opportunity to grow on the court through Basketball Movement skills and drills.

Full details for the event can be found on Yanders Law website here.

Follow Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement wherever possible to learn more about initiatives like this as well as some of the best basketball training and development available in the Midwest.