NBA standings - Wild, wild west

The Standings in the NBA are very interesting, with much more parity than expected with the Golden State Warriors still intact.

A few teams are finally beginning to separate themselves, but the last few weeks in the NBA have provided some surprising positions in the standings. The Western Conference is unusually tight from the top almost all the way to the bottom. The East is where we are finally seeing parity.

Out in New York, the Knicks and Nets both got off to hotter-than-expected starts, but have slowed back down. Brooklyn’s decline may have something to do with the injury to potential Most Improved Player candidate, Caris LaVert. Charlotte has also slowed down, but still remains in the hunt.

The Orlando Magic are a surprise this season at 12-13, though their roster remains very similar to the one that had them near the bottom of the conference a year ago. Detroit is another surprise. The Pistons have dropped their last two, but are still 13-9, currently good for fourth.

The Boston Celtics have been the biggest disappointment after being picked by many to take the conference championship. However, they have now won their last three and may be ready for a push.

The Raptors sit on top and look like the best team in the NBA right now. Giannis Antetokounmpo has finally transformed his Milwaukee Bucks into a contender as well.

Below are the full Eastern Conference standings pulled directly from ESPN:


Western Conference

The 2018-19 NBA season may be just a little over one fourth of the way done, but the standings in the West are still wild. Only 6.5 games separate the 15th placed San Antonio Spurs from the number one seed Denver Nuggets. The Phoenix Suns at 4-20 are the only team looking too far gone.

Denver was expected to be good, but not necessarily lead the West. They are well-rounded and have been getting a nice boost from our ally Monte Morris. Another surprise near the top is the LA Clippers, who are looking pretty smart after blowing up their core last season.

The Warriors are still great and likely know it isn’t necessary to bring it every night - especially with DeMarcus Cousins nearing a return as early as Christmas. The Thunder have the best chemistry they’ve seen in years, Memphis is healthy and tough, and the LeBron-led Lakers are rolling.

The Houston Rockets may be the strangest team in the league. Trading away two of their top defenders hurt them more than they thought it would and they are near the bottom of the standings. So many teams are hovering around down there though, that it is still anyone’s game.

These West teams are just so close. Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, or Karl-Anthony Towns could power their teams up the standings at any moment. Or the defense of the Jazz. Or leading Rookie of the Year candidate, Luka Doncic of the Mavs. And wait… Sacramento is in there too? See? Wild.

Here are the full standings, also pulled directly from ESPN:


The is a lot of basketball movement left in the 2018-19 NBA season, so you are of course in the right place!