The first annual Basketball Movement Jamboree

This weekend saw the first annual Basketball Movement Jamboree for 5th and 6th grade boys.

The first annual Basketball Movement Jamboree was a success, with multiple teams coming together to play each other in a mini-tournament. Practice and drills are important, but nothing aids game preparation quite like… well, playing games.

The Basketball Movement was happy to be able to host and showcase our facilities.

Four of the Yanders Law teams were in attendance - Yanders Law Arkansas and Tulsa were not able to attend this time. There were several other teams as well that came to ball out. It was an excellent opportunity to bring coaches and teams together to have a meeting of basketball minds in addition to getting to just play basketball.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of the teams that came out to make the jamboree a success. The Basketball Movement is a hub for all ages of boys and girls to step up their game and this weekend’s success was another great example.

As I write this from the press box at The Basketball Movement, Yanders Law players are practicing in the gyms below. It is a great reminder of what The Basketball Movement facility and Yanders Law program offer these players.

Coach Craig already has the guys working up a sweat - pushing the importance of doing your job, carrying your weight, and trusting your teammates to do the same. Having trust in your teammates can be freeing, even if you are focused on doing your job. Trusting your teammates makes for more confident passing, better help defense, and group muscle memory.

In the other gym, Coach Sly is making sure that the players start strong and finish strong in everything they do. Taking your foot off the gas opens opportunities for opponents to get a leg-up when they shouldn’t. Finishing strong in your drills will help you finish your games strong too.

The scene here at The Movement changes a bit day-to-day, but the message and mission are always the same. Players come here to get better at basketball and the result is more skilled players, strengthened friendships, and better people.

We are proud of what we do and will definitely do more jamborees in the future after the success of the weekend.

Keep your eyes out for more collaborations with Yanders Law, Jamborees, and other events from The Basketball Movement!