One-on-One: Writer Wil Harrington

As blogger, reporter, and social media manager, Wil Harrington’s role is expanding with The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law.

A little over a year ago, I (@WilHarrington) started writing blog posts for The Basketball Movement. Robert Yanders had been a family friend for many years, so our connection went back to when I was in grade school. I remember meeting Robert when he was playing for Barry Hinson’s Missouri State Bears - He gave me a practice jersey and took my parents and I on a tour of the locker room and facilities.

From late grade school through jr. high, I worked out with Robert at the facility that would later become The Basketball Movement. I didn’t know then what visions Robert had for that facility or his own post-playing career. If the gym would have been what it is today, perhaps I would have been inspired to go all the way to the NBA… Being more than 5 foot 8 with better handles may have helped too.

Rob’s passion for the game was intense then, but may be even more so now. I remember those workouts and pretending I needed to use the restroom as an excuse to go dry heave in privacy. I wouldn’t go on to do big things playing the game; it wasn’t in the cards.

However, those workouts did allow me to be a solid contributor for a small, but good high school team. I also applied the work ethic to become a two-time all-state baseball player and honor student. I had the confidence to ask out the prettiest girl in school at 15, which worked out, because at 27 she is my wife and mother of my son. Robert was at my wedding - a no-brainer for someone who helped shape my life more than he knew.

I am incredibly grateful and excited to have the opportunity to help Rob in his business as he impacts the lives of so many young men and women.

Working with The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law

You would be hard-pressed to find an independent contractor that is more vested in the well-being of a client than I am for Robert and his businesses. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share in their successes and help to rally after potential missteps. Even on such a part-time basis, getting to see what is happening at The Basketball Movement is special.


Robert said he was impressed by my work at Thunderous Intentions writing about the Oklahoma City Thunder. He invited me to come to The Basketball Movement and we discussed the work I could do with his blog. Next, I took over the blog for Yanders Law as well. Now, I’m managing his Facebook and Twitter pages, interviewing his athletes and prospects, writing proposals, doing email campaigns, and yes, still blogging.

In Rob’s words, we have a connection that comes very easily because I fully understand his mindset. He is passionate and determined, which are words that he chose to describe me as well.

I’ve known Wil all the way back to skill workouts we did when he was a kid. I could tell that he could do anything he set his mind to. I know that his parents brought him up with possibilities to have so much, but he absolutely works for everything he has and everything he wants going forward. He is a man among boys in basketball writing.
— Rob Yanders

Rob says that he is thrilled with the direction The Basketball Movement is heading in. With big moves in 2019 such as partnering with Coach Craig Smith, promoting Sly Yanders, expanding my role, and fully utilizing his media team, there is plenty of reason for excitement.

Thanks for reading my stuff for The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law - it is excellent to have this content for Rob, but it also means a lot to me, personally as I take great pride in my work. I am thrilled to be dedicating time to working in a more creative space.

Keep clicking around here to discover more of what The Basketball Movement has to offer and be sure to follow us across all social media platforms to ensure that you don’t miss a thing. Thanks for reading, and here is to another big year at The Basketball Movement!

Defensive physicality: A Rob Yanders specialty

The Basketball Movement is a place that encompasses every aspect of the game - from offensive skill, defense, and beyond.

Rob Yanders, founder of The Basketball Movement, is always pushing his players to be the best men and women they can be. On and off the court, TBM prepares players to be disciplined, respectful team players.

There are many lessons to be learned out on the hardwood. Robert taught me (@WilHarrington) multiple lessons through the sport of basketball. One that stood out to me as a relatively under-sized player was defensive toughness and physicality.

Rob is not the biggest player himself, so he can bring perspective to players of all sizes. In his career (and still today), he played like a player much bigger than he is.

Robert taught me about defensive toughness the hard way

I was invited to one of Rob's many camps one Summer when I was probably 14 or 15 years old. I had been playing for a while at this point, but still certainly had plenty left to learn.

Skill-wise, I was a little behind most of the players at the camp. I was among the shorter players there as well, so I was feeling like I had a lot to prove. As always, Robert had us doing unique and engaging drills that had players visibly improving with each passing moment.


Towards the end of the day, we started doing more "game scenario" drills that acted as small scrimmages. Rob is a pretty hands-on teacher, so he inserted himself in some of these drills, often matched up with myself since he is a guard.

He kicked my butt.

I was a pretty quick kid, but he managed to make me look like I had cement blocks for shoes. He kept one hand on me at all times, which is common to keep track of the player being guarded. What was uncommon was the firmness of that stiff-arm. Without fouling, he managed to dictate my every move.

He also used his body to establish a strong based and plant himself in front of me everywhere I tried to go. I felt like a big, strong post-player was shadowing me on the perimeter - it was exhausting and frustrating as an offensive player.

So what to do?

I could have plowed through him and starting picking up offensive fouls (in a drill...), but I decided to just soak up what he was doing to me and make mental notes of everything.

We finished the day with a full court 5-on-5 scrimmage. I did not start in the game but was prepared to make an impact coming off of the bench

A lot of the players I guarded were not only bigger than me, but at least as fast. I kept a strong hand on them at all times and tried to be a pest, cutting them off everywhere they turned and staying low. I picked up some charges and was able to prevent my man from doing what he wanted.

I carried that defensive physicality and tenacity forward as a player, eventually being known as a defensive specialist - an important piece to any team.

I have said this before, but I will continue to say it again and again: Parents, get your kids involved with Robert Yanders and The Basketball Movement. It helped me grow as a player and in my discipline and toughness as a person. Contact us here to make this happen as soon as possible.