Payton Henson - The Basketball Movement

Payton Henson is working hard with The Basketball Movement as he eyes a professional hoops career.

Originally from Arkansas, Payton Henson has been spending his summer right here at The Basketball Movement. In speaking to Henson, he seems humble yet hungry - realistic yet confident. This is a guy that is willing to put in the work to take his game to the next level.

He recalls growing up with/playing against DaShaun Stark, who has been working feverishly with Rob Yanders and The Movement this summer also. Henson says that his time at The Basketball Movement largely began as seeking a place to work out - a search that ended in a premier destination here in the Midwest.

Payton says that the professionalism he has experienced at The Movement is evident from the get-go. It has taught him a lot about playing the game at the next level.

Rob has been around and has seen a lot. Working out is one thing, but he has shown me how to take all of that a step farther.
— Payton Henson

Taking Henson's game a step farther with The Basketball Movement

When asked how The Movement is helping in his training and preparation, Henson had several answers. "Eating right, recovery, and continual improvement." With Rob's focused and tailor-made workouts, players are able to get in and get better every single day.

Henson says that he has learned to "take treatment and dieting seriously" as he has gotten a bit older. Eating healthier and taking the time to stretch/focus on recovery have been some big eye-openers that he's taken away from his time here.

Payton Henson played his first two years of college ball at Tulane and finished up his collegiate career strong at the University of Vermont. Henson shot an impressive 81 percent at the line in his final two seasons, averaged double-digit scoring figures, and was hitting threes at a 40 percent clip by his senior year. Good stuff from the 6'8" Henson.

In talking about how he is striving to improve as a player, Payton spoke about transitioning his college game to the pro level:

I played the 4 in college, but I’m trying to transition to more of a 3. I’m working to get better off the bounce and working on pull-up shooting from mid-range on out.

What's next for Payton Henson?

"Playing at the highest level", Henson responded when asked about his aspirations as a player. "I will take it one step at a time until I secure my first contract."

He says that it is a bit of a waiting game right now. He can try to get in front of the right people to carve out a place in the NBA G-League, or play overseas where he has already garnered interest. Payton could potentially head from one of those squads in Germany, Spain, or France.

Asked about some of the top basketball experiences he is drawing from, he had a pretty cool answer. His Junior year, they were 16-0 in the conference, but had to come back from behind in the championship game. Payton hit the go-ahead and-one with 30 seconds left to secure the victory and a NCAA Tournament berth.

Henson is experienced, articulate, and driven to power his game to the next stage. The help from The Basketball Movement will be evident for whoever is smart enough to give him his next shot.

All statistics from ESPN.