DaShaun Stark - The Basketball Movement

An athletic 6'5", DaShaun Stark is working with The Basketball Movement to prepare for the pro-scene.

Friendly and articulate with a humble confidence, DeShaun Stark is poised for basketball at the professional level.

Originally from the area, DaShaun Stark moved to Arkansas around age 10, where he went on to play high school ball. Many from Southwest Missouri may recognize DaShaun Stark from his freshman and sophomore seasons as a Drury Panther (2013-2015).

After red-shirting a year back down south for the Arkansas Razorbacks, Stark got much more run his senior year for William Woods University. Stark shot nearly 50 percent from the field that year, also using his length to grab boards, disrupt opposing players, and now - draw attention on the pro-scene.


Asked what us next for him in his career - Stark says that improving is his number one priority. 

I have to keep improving and just get in front of some teams in the G-League. From there I can keep rising.

One of the experiences that Strark draws on the most is his time at Arkansas. He says that his eyes were opened to the level of basketball he was capable of playing. He also cites his first collegiate game - an exhibition at Duke - for igniting his passion for continuing to play the game.

Stark's time with The Basketball Movement

Playing on his Step-Father's team back in 8th grade, DaShaun recalls going up against a Robert Yanders-led squad. He said the Rob liked his game, approached him, and made the connection.

DaShaun said that he has become a much better player mentally since putting in work with The Basketball Movement. Rob's experiences have been really applicable to his circumstances and mindset. He is also striving to transition into more of a point guard role, so Rob is working with him to improve his handles and shot from deep.

The further you go in a basketball career, the harder it is on your body. Stark had a standout point that he has been learning about: water.

I’ve never been big on water or just hydration in general, so that’s been a big change. The little things day-to-day have become more important - what to eat and especially what not to eat.

DaShaun is very appreciative of his time with Robert Yanders. He says that The Basketball Movement has helped his game "tremendously". Professionalism, routine, and specifically catered curriculum are a few of the highlights that Stark pointed out to us.

Rob has been a great basketball influence for many years.

When asked about his ceiling, Stark said that his mindframe is that he has no ceiling. "Sky's the limit." After seeing his game and committment, we believe him.