Edge Sports International, Inc. sends players to The Basketball Movement

The Basketball Movement just keeps growing with help from our friends at Edge Sports.

Edge Sports International, Inc. is a sports marketing and management firm out of Chicago, Illinois. They represent professional athletes at home and abroad and are sending some of their talent to Southwest Missouri and The Basketball Movement.

According to Edge Sports' website, "Edge Sports International is an elite sports management and marketing group representing top professional athletes worldwide." They offer multiple services such as: contract negotiation, business advisory services, marketing, media relations, and more.

Edge Sports represented five players in the NBA last season and many more in the NBA G-League and all the top international leagues.

Sam Cipriano

I spoke with Sam Cipriano, Senior Vice President with Edge Sports ahead of the arrival of the Edge Sports players. He gave us the scoop as far as what Edge Sports is all about and which players they would be sending to The Basketball Movement.

Roughly the same age, Cipriano says he and our Founder Rob Yanders grew up in Wisconsin, where Sam followed Rob's basketball career closely from high school on up. Sam and Rob reconnected at the NBA Summer League a few years back.

The Basketball Movement and The Edge Sports, Int. have a mutual client in professional player, Deonte Burton. As we have touched on before, Burton had an extremely successful first season playing in South Korea and is poised to continue his ascension.

Giving players "The Edge"

Naturally, the firm is all about giving their athletes an edge over the competition. They go above and beyond in their marketing and are very experienced in contract negotiation. Their involvement with The Basketball Movement confirms that they are also very thorough in making sure their players are constantly improving.

We asked Cipriano about the importance of monitoring the continual improvement of the players they represent:

Extremely important... Players at every position on the floor must be so skilled in today’s game. Every player must be able to stretch the floor, defend multiple positions, attack close-outs, and keep the ball moving. We help our clients add something new to their game each and every off-season.
— Sam Cipriano

When asked about how the agency gives its players that coveted "edge", Sam described that Edge Sports is a family-oriented boutique agency that has been representing players in the NBA and worldwide for over 25 years. He explained that their clients feel like "our brothers" that get their full focus on and off the court.

Involvement with The Basketball Movement

Deonte Burton of Edge Sports has of course been working out with The Basketball Movement for a while and will continue to do so. There are more players inbound that Edge Sports would like to see hone their skills with the unique, professional quality workouts of The Movement.

Cipriano says that they currently have about 13 guys that will be playing in the NBA Summer League that he would like to get in front of Rob Yanders and TBM's other trainers. Rob will make sure that the players get his trademark efficient, customized workouts to take their game to the next level.

The backgrounds of each of these players are varied. There will be guys like Deonte Burton that are Americans with overseas experience, several NBA rookies, foreign players, you name it.

We will keep you up to date as The Basketball Movement continues this exciting collaboration with Edge Sports International. For more on what the guys over at Edge Sports are all about, check out their Twitter @Edge_Sports. For more on The Basketball Movement, you are already in the right place.

For inquiries, you can contact Sam by email at scipriano@edgesportsintl.com