The Basketball Movement: Day 2 Alize Johnson Basketball Camp

7th-12th graders are getting their shot today at the Alize Johnson Basketball Camp here at The Basketball Movement.

Another nice turnout to work with Missouri State Alum and Indiana Pacers forward, Alize Johnson at The Basketball Movement. The players have been establishing plenty of sweat equity all morning and are gearing up for an intense afternoon of work as well.

Being around, listening to, and learning from Alize is already a big perk that we are thrilled to be able to facilitate. This is still The Basketball Movement too, so you know these boys and girls are getting all the work they can handle.

Whether it is Robert Yanders facilitating a drill, Alize Johnson making sure the player work, or one of the coaches motivating and guiding, the buzz in the gym is tangible and the excitement is through the roof. As it usually is in these gyms, the energy level is crazy. Leave it to Rob to make sure everyone is amped.

Small scrimmages are breaking out with skill flashing all over the place. Emphasis on head-to-head competition has been a big theme today and appears to be an Alize Johnson specialty. The bodies on the floor for loose balls is everything you can hope for.

Make sure to be following along on all social media platforms as we continue to drop pictures and videos from the camp. Stay tuned!

Underway at The Alize Johnson Basketball Camp

With one of our favorite pros in the building, The Basketball Movement is pumped to be kicking off day one of the Alize Johnson Basketball Camp.

Dozens of area grade schoolers are getting an opportunity to work with one of the best today. Alize Johnson is not just a decorated Missouri State alumni, but now one of the most promising NBA prospects coming out of NBA Summer League playing on a guaranteed contract for the Indiana Pacers.

Johnson’s top-tier talent and NBA experience mixed with Rob Yanders and the rest of The Basketball Movement coaches and players here helping today is a combination that will make sure every kid here comes away with important skills for the game of basketball. Also - we’re going to have a lot of fun.

Alize and Rob have the campers already hard at work, making sure players are working on dribbling with their off-hand, keeping their heads up at all times. ‘Ze is motivating the kids by telling them he is on the lookout for the very hardest worker. He is playfully motivating Rob, but rubbing in his face that he doesn’t have an autographed jersey yet…

For such a young NBA player, Alize is already doing impressive things in giving back to his communities. We say “communities” because Johnson isn’t even from Springfield, MO. He already put on one of these camps last week in his hometown of Williamsport, PA. The Alize Johnson foundation has also already established big plans to build courts back in WIlliamsport with security features and lighting so that basketball can be safely enjoyed by all.

We are lucky here in Southwest, MO to have our college star, already onto the next level, coming back to serve our community in such a positive way using the sport he loves.

Stay tuned to The Basketball Movement here and on social media to stay on top of what we have going on here. Tomorrow is the 7th-12th grade camp, so there is still plenty more to come.

Alize Johnson Basketball Camp

The Basketball Movement is proud to present a great opportunity for area ballers!

Missouri State Alumni, NBA player, and ally of The Basketball Movement, Alize Johnson is headed back to Springfield, MO to put on a camp for 3rd graders on up to 12th.

The Basketball Movement is proud to host Johnson’s “Blueprint to the Stars of the Game” camp to give community players an opportunity to learn from top-tier talent. Alize has been tearing it up in the NBA Summer League, recently earning a guaranteed contract with the Indiana Pacers. He is using his limited time off to spread a bit of knowledge on what it takes!

In his hometown in Pennsylvania, Alize is about to host a couple of these camps and they sold out quickly. Contact The Basketball Movement at to get in while you can because spots are limited.

The camp is open to boys and girls. 3rd-6th grade is July 22nd 9:00am-3:00pm. 7th-12th grade is July 23rd 9:00am-3:00pm. You don’t want to miss this opportunity!


We hope to see you there!