The Basketball Movement: Day 2 Alize Johnson Basketball Camp

7th-12th graders are getting their shot today at the Alize Johnson Basketball Camp here at The Basketball Movement.

Another nice turnout to work with Missouri State Alum and Indiana Pacers forward, Alize Johnson at The Basketball Movement. The players have been establishing plenty of sweat equity all morning and are gearing up for an intense afternoon of work as well.

Being around, listening to, and learning from Alize is already a big perk that we are thrilled to be able to facilitate. This is still The Basketball Movement too, so you know these boys and girls are getting all the work they can handle.

Whether it is Robert Yanders facilitating a drill, Alize Johnson making sure the player work, or one of the coaches motivating and guiding, the buzz in the gym is tangible and the excitement is through the roof. As it usually is in these gyms, the energy level is crazy. Leave it to Rob to make sure everyone is amped.

Small scrimmages are breaking out with skill flashing all over the place. Emphasis on head-to-head competition has been a big theme today and appears to be an Alize Johnson specialty. The bodies on the floor for loose balls is everything you can hope for.

Make sure to be following along on all social media platforms as we continue to drop pictures and videos from the camp. Stay tuned!