The NBA 2K19 cover athlete has been announced

As an athlete, there are opportunities to earn numerous awards. One unofficial accolade is making it on the cover of a video game.

Over the years, it has become difficult to deny that NBA 2K games have lapped the NBA Live series. 2K is the ultimate video game basketball experience, especially with the lack of a NCAA title, NBA Street, or NBA Jam in recent years.

Congratulations to LeBron James for being selected to grace to cover of the next game, NBA 2K19.

James has been on the cover once before - on NBA 2K14 when he was with the Miami Heat. Kevin Durant has also been on twice (2013, 2015), along with Michael Jordan (2011-2012). Allen Iverson was on the first four covers from 2000-2004.

LeBron's age 33 seasons has already proved to be one of his personal best, though his team is currently on the ropes in the NBA Finals.

The cover is different than usual, taking a lot from LeBron's personal brand and the material he often writes on his shoes before games.

When you aren't getting work in with The Basketball Movement, the 2K series is a fun distraction and way to learn about some of the best players in the world. They even have plenty of throwback teams so you can play as some of the greats.

To see the real deal, LeBron and Co. will be back in action Wednesday (6/5/18) for game 3 of the NBA Finals. The game starts at 8:00 PM (CT) on ABC.