Mizzou fans catch just a glimpse of Michael Porter Jr.

Michael Porter Jr. is back in action for the Missouri Tigers to "help where he can".

Michael Porter Jr. played about two minutes in Missouri's opener before aggravating a back injury that caused him to miss most of the season. In the second round of the SEC tourney, Mizzou fans got to see him finally back in action against Georgia this past Thursday.

It was an expectedly rusty outing for Porter Jr. - shooting 5-17 with 8 boards. His 12 misses tied the most by any Mizzou player this season. His brother Jontay Porter was a bright spot for the Tigers, finishing with 20 points and 8 boards in the loss.

Porter Jr.'s shot looked a bit short all night, while he still rebounded the ball well. Flashes of his trademark athleticism were limited, with Porter Jr. saying he felt around 65% physically.

Now out of the SEC tourney, Mizzou has until Sunday to know exactly where they will be headed next. With Michael Porter Jr. back in the rotation, they have become one of the most interesting teams in the tournament, boasting a 20-11 record without their would-be star.

His decision to come back has been met with both praise and criticism. Why not wait and get fully healthy for the NBA draft? Porter Jr. just wants to play basketball and help his team. That cannot hurt his draft stock too much, right?

Still looming in or around the first round of many NBA draft boards, Michael Porter Jr. is going to draw a lot of attention at the big dance. Mizzou fans are hoping that he is the X-factor on their team that has already exceeded expectations to this point.

We will have some tournament coverage for you basketball junkies in the coming weeks. Until then, keep on the lookout for a coming article that takes an in-depth look at The Basketball Movement's founder and owner @Robert_Yanders.