High school: McDonald's All-American 2018 recap

The nation's top high school talent was on display this week, with the McDonald's All-Americans in action last night.

Basketball at the high school level gets more and more impressive each year. The 2018 McDonald's All-American selections still have (literally) huge shoes to fill, as they follow in the path of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Skylar Diggins, DeMar DeRozan, Brittney Griner, Vince Carter; the list is ridiculous.

Below is the full list of 2018 participants:

One of the first things that stands out on the list would be the four Duke commits on the boy's side. Three of them (Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett, and Cameron Reddish) are predicted by ESPN to go 1-2-3 in the 2019 NBA draft. We see you, Blue Devils. Kansas had three commits itself, with Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Vanderbilt all having two commits from this squad.

Last night's games in Philips Arena (home of the Atlanta Hawks) were predictably fun on the girl's and guy's side of things. Though they get a couple practices in, the teams are typically a little disjointed to start. They begin to find their groove as the game goes on, which is what happened in these games. Once they are in the flow, they are some of the nation's finest after all.

Nassir Little (UNC commit) showed out in this one, winning MVP. Unfortunately, Zion Williamson appeared to tweak his leg a bit, so we hope that he comes away unscathed. Overall, there were plenty of high-flying dunks to make up for some suspect shooting much of the night.

The girls seemed to have an easier time finding rhythm, as ball movement and shot-making were more prominent than in the boy's game. Both were competitive, yet playful; ideal for this All-Star style of game. Christyn Williams took home MVP honors. Guess where she has committed to playing college ball. Yes of course: UConn.

The announcers of the boys game seemed to think that this was a little too remniscient of previous NBA All-Star games, with too much dunking and not enough competition. Opinion: there was so much dunking because these are athletic, long, young men that were wanting to show out against each other. These guys have been competing all year, that is how they got here. Let them bounce!

Speaking of bounce, you have to check out the dunk contest below. It includes a nice shake-up, which you just have to see to believe.

Not every one of these players will go on to achieve greatness, but you can count on several from this group busting out and making splashes on basketball's largest stages.

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