Jahad Thomas - The Basketball Movement

Jahad Thomas works out with The Basketball Movement following a successful collegiate career. His goal? The NBA.

From Williamsport, Pennsylvania originally, Jahad Thomas has worked and worked to become the player he is today. A red-shirt freshman at UMass Lowell, Thomas was clearly patient, as he exploded onto the scene his official freshman season averaging 14 points and 1.3 steals.

Thomas' numbers climbed each season, culminating in senior-year averages of 21/8/4 and 1.8 steals per contest. Averaging 8.7 boards his final two seasons is a very telling figure for the 6'2" guard. He is clearly a high-motor player that is not afraid to get in the paint.

The greatest strides that Jahad has taken as a player are intangibles according to him. Leadership and positivity are things that he has had to work at, but they have played great dividends. For the ultimate in leadership and positivity, Jahad found himself in front of the perfect trainer - Rob Yanders.

Enter The Basketball Movement

Jahad Thomas says that he heard about Rob Yanders and The Basketball Movement through his friend, Alize Johnson. Now drafted by the Indiana Pacers, Johnson has been an ally of The Movement for a while. Upon being introduced to Rob, Jahad said that he was blown away by the way Robert treated him like he'd known him for years.

Side note: Watch the video below. Some things are easy to show than to put into words. Watch this man get in his work with The Basketball Movement in one of the best examples of intensity we have, especially from about 3:45-on.

Having seen the impact of positivity and leadership, Thomas said that when he is around Robert, he does his best to be a "human sponge" to soak up as much as he can.

Being a sponge around experienced guys like Rob, working hard to learn as much as possible, and taking care of his body are the big keys for Jahad right now.

Robert has helped me tremendously. He has taught me how to be a professional on and off the court. I’ve learned a lot from him about communication and the importance of making connections.
— Jahad Thomas

Asked about his ceiling as a basketball player, Thomas first answered "Very high", but then corrected himself; "No ceiling." He says that consistent work with Rob and continuing to work out in other ways has built his confidence to continue to elevate his game.

Next steps for Jahad Thomas

Already an established scorer at the collegiate level, Jahad says that he wants to continue to round his skill-set so that he can play the game as it comes to him, no-matter the situation.


Continuing to improve will help him reach his goal of making it to the NBA, no matter how long it takes.

Rob explained to me that with my goals (the NBA), it’s alright even if it doesn’t go exactly the way you want.
— Jahad Thomas

He went on to explain that Robert has taught him a lot about the importance of great routines and consistent workouts. Things like knowing when to go hard and when to slow down are important skills that you do not always get to hone without concentrated training such as what is offered at The Basketball Movement.

Jahad comes across as being laid-back, but is a gym rat through and through. This is a guy to keep an eye on as he continues to elevate his game.

It also says a lot that he spoke so highly of Rob Yanders in such a short period of time. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, contact The Basketball Movement here.