Player movement - Blake Griffin and the business of basketball

You might've heard: Blake Griffin has been traded, despite a seemingly mutual desire for his legacy to be as a Clipper.

If you follow pro sports, you have already heard by now that Blake Griffin has been dealt to the Detroit Pistons. You may also recall during the free agency period last Summer how badly he and the Los Angeles Clippers seemed to want to stay together.

Griffin had a tough decision on his hands last Summer when he met with the Clippers. They raised his jersey into the rafters at the Staples Center and talked about his lasting legacy as the greatest Clipper. Griffin was convinced and bought in, signing a 5-year $173MM contract.

Jump forward about seven months and Blake Griffin is headed to the Detroit Pistons with Los Angeles looking to rebuild.

The Clips were hovering around the 9th position in the West with no real hopes of seriously contending. Griffin has been in MVP discussions before, but only when healthy. His health has been a concern for a very long time.

The Clips have been big with he and DeAndre Jordan for a while, and decided to blow up what wasn't working and gear towards the future. With draft prospects so bright over the next few years, you can see why.


Still, why string Griffin along only to dish him now?

Basketball (especially at the pro level) is a business above all-else. This is a tough lesson for many players and superstars like Blake Griffin are no exception.

The Clippers have had a taste of success and want to rebuild to get back into contention in the future. The Pistons need a star to get fans to brave the cold weather and attend games. So, a deal was made, regardless of player feelings.

This sends a message to all players that loyalty is not valued in all organizations. When your contract is up or free agency rolls around, do what is best for you, your family, and your career. Don't count on generosity in the business of basketball.

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