Kyrie Irving to miss the 2018 NBA playoffs

Irving had successful surgery on March 24, but it has been revealed that he has a bacterial infection at the surgical site.

The surgery Kyrie Irving had was to remove a tension wire that was placed to mend his left patellar fracture from a 2015 playoff injury. An infection has since appeared where the hardware is in his leg. He must now undergo surgery on his patella to remove two screws.

Early estimates suggest that he will miss 4-6 months following the procedure. This is of course a huge blow to Irving and his team, who thought they would have him back early in the 2018 NBA playoffs

Irving spoke out to his fans about the new happenings on Instagram:

The hardest thing to do sometimes is accept the uncontrollable things life throws at you. You try consistently to learn, grow, and prepare everyday to equip your mind, body, and spirit with tools to deal with some of those things, but I feel when those moments arise they all give you a sense of unfulfillment, simply because it puts some of your professional journey and goals on a brief hold. It’s simply a test of your perseverance and Will, to be present, even in the wake of what’s going on. In this case, finding out I have an infection in my knee is definitely a moment that I now accept and move past without holding on to the all the what ifs, proving the nay-Sayers completely f***ing wrong, and accomplishing the goals I’ve set out for the team and myself. This season was only a snapshot of what’s to come from me. Trust Me. “The journey back to the top of Mt. Everest continues.” #StandingRockSiouxTribe Let’s go Celtics!! Celtics fans, I look forward to hearing how loud it gets in the TD Garden during the playoffs and experiencing how intense the environment gets. Thank you all!

Kyrie was dealt to the Celtics for Isaiah Thomas and company this offseason. His transition was seamless in regards to the game of basketball. Despite losing running-mate Gordan Hayward to injury in their first game, Irving propelled the team, putting up MVP-like effort.

The Boston Celtics are currently the 2 seed in the East behind the Toronto Raptors. This clearly changes their playoffs hopes a bit. They will still be a tough out for someone, executing their scrappy style under head coach Brad Stevens.

With this and all of the other injuries going into the 2018 playoffs, it has become a two-team race in the Eastern Conference. We will see if the Raptors can hold off LeBron James and his new-look Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Basketball Movement wishes Kyrie Irving a speedy and effective recovery.