Player movement - High school edition

There have been some signings recently, so let's take a look at where some of the top high school ballers in the nation are headed.

Examining the ESPN High School Top 100 list, the column that displays where the players have signed is starting to really fill in.

The list is of course a little subjective, as each player brings a different skill set and will fit with each team differently. Analytics still come into play and it is one of the most comprehensive lists available.

The thing that jumps out right away is the top three player's college selection.

Duke is still a premier destination for top high school talent

Next to each of the top three player's we now see a big blue "D" symbol for Duke. With the recent commitment of Spartanburg's Zion Williamson (number two on the list), Duke appears to have locked up the nation's top talent.

Playing for coach Mike Krzyzewski is a big draw for young players. Krzyzewski's national titles and Olympic coaching tenure means that he is as experienced as it gets and has worked with all-time great players.

Duke has also signed number twelve player, Tre Jones of Apple Valley High School. We cannot forget Kentucky of course, who has plucked the sixth, seventeenth, and twenty fifth ranked players. Kansas has three players in the top thirty as well.

Who has yet to sign?

There are only three players remaining in the top 25 that have yet to commit to a school.

Number five on ESPN, McDonalds All-American Romeo Langford of New Albany High school has yet to decide, though he has offers from Indiana, Kansas, and Vanderbilt.

Number seven, Anfernee Simons (great name) of IMG Academy has twelve offers, three of which are from his home state of Florida. He had committed at one point to Louisville, but the recent scandals steered him away.

Number sixteen, E.J. Montgomery of Wheeler High School currently has five offers but has also drawn attention from Duke and Kentucky, so he may hold out for a little while longer.

Check out the full list at ESPN and keep it locked to The Basketball Movement for continued updates.