Movement is defined as an act of changing physical location or position or of having this changed.  Movement can be small, it can be large. Movement can be impactful, it can be obsolete. No matter what movement occurs, change too, will occur. Will the basketball movement be large? Will the basketball movement be impactful? Will the basketball movement cause change? We think so.

The Basketball Movement is a new type of basketball experience, that helps define a player’s ability to think on the court, off the court, and on the way to the next court. We have created a basketball format with skills, game type settings, educational speakers, public speaking components, and of course, hard core, leave-it-all-on-the-floor basketball experience. Through the various components that make up The Basketball Movement, we are attacking the game at every level. With Open Clinics, Skill Development Workouts, Speed and Agility training, and The Basketball Movement Invitational, we are truly a one-stop basketball experience.