The Basketball Movement is proud to introduce


This jamboree-style league will be an invitational hoops experience for boys and girls from second grade through eighth. The League is going to be based around the “pro feel” that separates The Basketball Movement from other training facilities.

24 second shot clocks, game footage and photos, videos that will go up on our sites, and more will lend to the professional atmosphere. The Basketball Movement will be bringing in arena seating as well as court-side, luxury leather seats. Basketball merchandise will be available, also courtesy of The Basketball Movement.

Big-name sponsors such as Gatorade, Nike, and Spalding will have an imprint all-over the facilities, which is just one more way to give the kids a sense of pride and professionalism. As always with The Basketball Movement, The League will offer many avenues to grow on and off the court.

Everything that happens within the doors of The Basketball Movement is designed to help develop not only better players, but better people. The business is built to use basketball as a tool to assist young people live healthier lifestyles, have safe avenues for fun and teambuilding, and learn to give back.

All The Basketball Movement’s endeavors such as The League will help prepare young players for the future. Off the court, our program will help players with public speaking, confidence, and interview skills.

Players that participate in The League have the opportunity to grow with The Basketball Movement. Our competitive advantage lies in our top-tier facility, where players can learn to study film in our film room, get a fresh cut in our chop shop, or step up their game on our two renovated courts. Modeled after pro facilities, the basketball-specific workout equipment, press box, and Area-11 game lounge add to the professional atmosphere.

The Basketball Movement offers players the above amenities, but also focuses on intangibles such as relationship building, communication, and conflict resolution. Eventually, players can take advantage of our college prep programs and beyond.

Even for younger players, we are rolling out workshops in the form of our More Than an Athlete program. The More Than an Athlete workshops will include five curriculum pieces: Excel Strive Prosper, Lion’s Den, Legacy, Grit, and Find Your Why. Each curriculum will be one day a week for four weeks. From off-court advice to book studies, players will have many opportunities to grow and develop with plenty of incentives.

The League opens the door for young players to become involved with the basketball Mecca of the Midwest. There is no charge for The League’s players, as we are just focused on helping the youth grow their basketball I.Q. and off-court confidence.

A professional feel and state-of-the-art facilities are just part of the experience of The League. The Basketball Movement staff brings a wealth of basketball knowledge in addition to an intrinsic desire to give to others. The staff is made of hand-picked individuals that thrive on the success and growth of the community and youth.

Games will take place on Saturdays:

Jan. 12th Feb. 16th Mar. 16th Apr. 20th May 18th Jun. 22nd Jul. 13th Aug. 10th

The League at The Basketball Movement is a next-level experience for young players. We are excited to roll out yet another opportunity for the area youth to get involved with hoops and take advantage of everything we have to offer. Basketball movement is strong in the Midwest and we are thrilled to be leading the way.